Feb 15, 2009

Phase 1: Week 1

Week One: The two bedrooms
(I will post pictures tomorrow when there's daylight.)

I am REALLY looking forward to this decluttering. Of course, I haven't started yet so the euphoria levels are still high LOL!

Our bedrooms are fairly organized, especially my son's. He is six (will be 7 in April), and I have been diligent about weeding out his belongings so that it isn't too overwhelming for him to "clean his room" when I tell him to.

However, he has enough toys for a small daycare. All to himself. We're reading through the "Little House" books and I am always pointing out how Laura had a doll and some paper dolls, and that's it. True, he felt bad for Laura, but said that he was sure she would have enjoyed playing with his toys. The boy doesn't want to give them up!

I try to do a major declutter with him before Christmas and his birthday. This will count for his birthday.

My bedroom is interesting. I have an entire drawer dedicated to clothes that I don't fit in but I'm unwilling to part with because I am just so sure that I'll lose weight "some day."

(I think they've gone out of style.)

Here is my M.O.:

  • Start to the left of the entry door and work clockwise around the room.
  • Section by section I will sort into four bags/boxes.
  • B 1--garbage
  • B 2--another room
  • B 3--give away
  • B 4--(the dreaded) garage sale

This is the tried and true method from practically every decluttering book I've ever read.

In the spirit of simplifying according to William's words of wisdom, I will evaluate what is left. I will ask myself these two questions:

  • How is it truly useful?
  • Why do I consider it to be beautiful?

The item will need to pass those two questions with flying colors or OUT it will go as well.

Jeannie encouraged me with words about two tough areas: sentimental value and gifts.

I will post separately regarding those two areas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxanne!

I'm just stopping over to visit from a comment you left on my site.

Your site is such neat one; it's on my Blog Following List. I love your tagline and your profile photo. Of course my house violates that tagline quite a bit. Ahem.... It does feel wonderful to rid ourselves of all things we aren't using or enjoying.

Regarding your comment on this post:


I haven't told my hubby yet about Swagbucks paying for the flooring. My plan is to go with him to buy the flooring and have the gift cards in my purse along with our 10% off coupon and then present them just before he writes the check. It will be such an exciting moment; I can see his smile!



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