Feb 16, 2009

Phase 1: Week 1--Pics

It's Monday--picture day.

I don't plan to take exhaustive pictures of my rooms, but I thought it would be interesting to show pictures of something that already meets the requirements "Will" set out or something that I intend to change in the "Beautify" phase.

For my room I chose an area that I absolutely love--my vanity. It's a 1930s dark veneer table with small drawers and a large mirror. The lamps are pink depression glass. The perfume is cheap.

In my son's room, I intend to finally getting around to painting and making curtains. During my pregnancy and my son's toddlerhood I sewed for two different friend's nurseries. Mine, however, never got done. Since he's nearly 7 I thought it was time.

As you can see, there's lots of white. LOTS of white. I sort of have a nautical theme going with the life preserver and lighthouse items.

This picture shows one SIDE of his room. The entire room is 12' x 19'. On this side is a loft bed (cubby hole underneath is a nice toy area) that has a desk on the end. The bed on the left is a futon and where he actually sleeps. On the other side is the majority of his toys.

I will post tomorrow about the decluttering success of my son's room. I'll do my room on Wednesday.


humblelabor said...

I love the vanity! It's so beautiful! I'm lucky enough to have the bedroom set my grandparents received as a wedding gift in 1936. Right now the vanity is decorative, but I've been thinking I need to make it into a working vanity as part of an effort to pay more attention to my appearance, dress femininely, etc.

Roxanne said...

I love that vanity, too! It IS a working vanity in that I have all my stuff there and use it every day. I don't, however, pay as much attention to my appearance and dress as I want.

I'm inspired by 50sGal over at 50syear.blogspot.com as she wears her lovely vintage outfits. Others I've listed in my Retro and sewing blogrolls do the same.

It takes more effort than I've previously been willing to spend. I'm over that now!


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