Feb 17, 2009

Phase 1: Week 1--Area evaluation

I must say that that was WAY harder emotionally than I thought it was going to be.

I've gone through my son's room before and we've weeded out the toys, clothes, etc. That part was the same as always. What I didn't count on was the back of the closet.

The closet is shallow, but it goes to the left another four feet under the roof eave. I have things stored back there from when he was a baby. Things that I thought I would use again. It appears that we're just not going to have another one. We've been trying for two years, but we're "older." I did have a miscarriage a year ago October as well.

Well, in that closet was a Medela Pump, a grocery cart cover, bottle paraphanalia, wipes warmer...you get the picture. I was saving all my "good stuff" so I wouldn't have to purchase it again for another baby.

Well, I bit the bullet and pulled it all out. It's all going for sale. I saved back one thing. I'll tell you what that is tomorrow. Right now the stuff is parked in the living room and I think it's mocking me!

Rude stuff.

What an emotional roller coaster I was on last night! I'm better today and I'm ready to steel myself to let more things go.

Our bedroom should be a piece of cake unless those too-small clothes I'm saving for when I lose weight begin their own round of mocking.

Evidently, I need to put a gag order on my belongings!

My son did very well in letting go of things. We have a whole pile of unwanted books and a full small trash can of his paper creations that he felt he could do without. I'm proud of him.


Jitterbug said...

There are corners of my home that I avoid everyday because they hold treasures I can't bear to look at, but couldn't possibly get rid of yet. You are a brave woman for going in there and dragging it all out into the sunlight...

humblelabor said...

As excited as I can get about decluttering (which we have to do all the time--our house has 2 bedrooms and is under 950 square feet!), the sentimental side always trips me up. For some reason, I find that doing the decluttering in short bursts helps overcome this. Perhaps because having to make the decision to let go of sentimental things over and over for long periods just plain wears me out. Another thing that helps is to remember all the treasures that I do keep that I get to see more of because they are not just surrounded by distracting clutter.

Good luck with your project!

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