Feb 18, 2009

Phase 1: Week 1--Wed. Challenge

I might be the only one posting on this one, but here goes:

What is the "oddest" thing you're keeping for sentimental reasons alone?

I might actually have many, but here's my "entry" after cleaning out the baby stuff in the back of my son's closet:

Wool nursing pads. When I was nursing, I tried disposable, cotton, and hemp pads. They all showed through my clothing and just didn't absorb very well. THEN I found the wool set that I bought.

They were awesome. They were amazing. They were soft and conformed so as to be invisible. They were NOT scratchy and I hate wool 'cause it's scratchy!

So why am I keeping them? When my sister had her baby 15 months after mine, I recommended the wool pads. She bought some that were just awful. I tried to find my brand on line and they had simply disappeared.

So, JUST IN CASE a miracle happens and I actually do get pregnant again (that's the sentimental reason), I don't want to be without these pads!

Am I just weird? Please, someone else post so I don't look so strange LOL!

Also, don't forget about the Giveaway!


humblelabor said...

Hi Rebecca!
I've been thinking about your question...I hold onto so much junk it's hard to remember what might be the strangest thing...LOL! I have a couple of birds' nests in boxes stashed in various closets and drawers around the house. Sweet, but really rather dirty. I have a couple of collars that belonged to deceased pets. I guess that's strange, but a pet that has been in one's family and one that someone might have even grown up with--I think--deserves remembrance. I also have a few (pricked with a pinhole and blown-out) eggs laid by a rescue/pet bird that is also no longer with us.

Does that make you feel any better? :)

BTW, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for leaving such encouraging comments. If you're the only person that reads it, I'm so pleased to keep up with the posts! You're a sweetheart and I want you to know it means a lot to me. Plus, your blog is EXCELLENT! I'm so inspired! Many, many thanks on both fronts.


Roxanne said...

Thank you for posting. I WAS beginning to feel like I was too "odd" with my sentimental choices LOL!

Isn't our reasoning about what to keep and why interesting?


Anonymous said...

Along the lines of the first comment I have something that might be considered strange by some but not by others, and certainly not by me because I've kept it. I've got my dear little Abby's (a sweet little Maltese) ashes in a very small urn and her collar, favorite toy and a sweet note of comfort from when she passed away with lymphoma. I was going to say I rescued her from a bad situation, but really, she picked me and she was my little buddy through some very dark days. I cannot put these items away, bury her ashes or otherwise do 'something' with them.
They remain where they are.

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