Feb 21, 2009

Phase 1: Week 1: 2nd area evaluation

It's Saturday and I'm STILL working on our bedroom. I didn't do any of it on Thursday (had to be away from home all day). Yesterday, I spent two hours on my husband's side of the room. TWO hours.

I got rid of suitcases that the airlines won't accept anymore. I reorganized and labelled (yes, the handy dandy labeller--good for all sorts of things!) his drawers and closet. For example, I separated his many sweaters into four categories: blue, black/tan/grey, multicolor, white/red. I find that, for me, the more labels there are the more likely things will be returned to their proper places!

Today I will be working on my side of the room and under the bed.

Anyone want to share what is under your master bed? Here's my list:

(In plastic containers):
25 pounds of rye
25 pounds of oat groats
25 pounds of spelt

An emergency ladder to hang out the window
Two tissues
Lots of dust bunnies

A few months ago I also had a plastic box of the most adorable cloth newborn diapers and covers. I sold them. I cried.

Off to change into work clothes and get the rest of the bedroom decluttered!


I finished after another TWO hours. I'm glad I chose to do only two areas a week! It feels really good to know that I've been ruthless in the decluttering. I'm collecting everything in the corner of the basement to sell or put in a garage sale. I'll take a picture of the PILE when I get to the end of Phase One.

I left the "too-small" clothes collection alone. I'm determined that I will be decluttering my body as well as my home.

I WILL wear those clothes one day!


humblelabor said...

Under the master bed:
-Three archival under-bed boxes storing bedding, heirloom quilts and textiles, and my fabric collection.
-A couple of bed rails that go with the head and foot board that are in the master closet. We have my grandparents' bedroom set from the 30's in our bedroom, but my hubby is too long for the full-size bed, so we use a queen frame instead.
-A plastic box of vintage Better Homes and Gardens and similar magazines. They are pretty musty, though, so I change out a few loose dryer sheets inside the box from time to time. I really should include them in my own de-cluttering effort.

Roxanne said...

Oooooo! How "vintage" are those magazines? Any with good 50s or 60s images you can scan and share?

Under the bed is such a great place for long-term storage. It's dry and out of the way.


humblelabor said...

Hi Roxanne,
I've gotten in the habit of buying magazines from around the years our house was built, so they are from the 40's and 50's. Lots of fun images and fashion and decorating inspiration for me. I do hope to scan some more images soon, but I'm waiting for my sweet hubby to fix a computer problem that is making it impossible to use the scanner.

I think if I could dream, I wouldn't have anything stored under the bed. For some reason I just feel a little more relaxed without having to think about all that stuff down there. But, not having lots of extra room, I'm grateful for the useful space.


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