Feb 22, 2009

Phase 1: Week 2--Intro and Pics

This week I'm decluttering my living/dining room area and my office. I had some time this afternoon and decided to go ahead and DO the living/dining room. I decided to do it because it was easy LOL!

I really love my diningand living arrangement. The place that should be my dining room is very tiny. My dining chairs are very big. I've been struggling with the lack of room for the entire 9 years we've lived in this house.

About two months ago, I decided to do something drastic: I switched the dining and living areas. I moved my large camelback couch into the dining area and put the coffee table in front of it. We now call that the "seating area." To the right is the sliding glass door that leads to the porch.

You can see the corner of the kitchen counter ("L" bar) which means when you're sitting on the couch you can look out through the slider or look into the kitchen and talk to whomever is working in there. When I get to the "beautify" phase, I'm going to recover the couch, remove the wallcovering and paint.

The dining table and three of the chairs I centered at the front windows. If you look hard you can see the snowstorm we're currently experiencing! You can see in this picture (right bottom corner) the seat of one of the wing-backed chairs that I moved over to the right of the table.

I grouped the two wing-backs into a little nook of their own. that plus the dining table being in front of the window reminded of a "club room" at an old-fashioned men's club. If Hubby smoked pipes I could put them on that round table! (You can see the dining chair at the left and see the armoir and stairs in the mirror.)

The walls in this room have been prepped to be painted (hence all the patching). I just haven't decided on a color yet.

In the corner opposite the chairs and under the stairs (Dr. Seuss flashback), is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. This armoir was in my husband's bedroom when he was growing up. My MIL had a chance to buy furniture from a factory when they lived in NC. Here it is closed:

And then open to show the results of my decluttering this afternoon! I use the armoir to hold craft supplies for our homeschooling.

Since I completed the first area, I will now be able to tackle my very, scary office. Here's just the corner where my computer lives. I won't show you the rest. I don't want to give anyone nightmares...


Anonymous said...

Hello Roxanne,

I love the creativity you've shown with repurposing your rooms! What a neat idea. Who says we have to use a room only for what the floor plan dictates.

Your furniture is just gorgeous, too.

Take Care,


Roxanne said...

Yes--I was so excited to look at the rooms in a fresh way after nine years. I encourage anyone who is t.i.r.e.d of their present layout to "think outside the box--er, room."

Thanks for the compliment on my furniture. Of course, the pictures don't show that it's not high quality LOL! It's a combination of yard sale finds and a few hand-me downs.

Remember what "Will" says about keeping things we believe to be beautiful? My furniture in its varied stages of well-worn makes me smile because I think it's beautiful!


humblelabor said...

Your home is so lovely! I especially love the armoire with your craft supplies.

You are so industrious...congrats on all the progress you've already made.

Best wishes,

Roxanne said...


Thanks for your congrats! It is a definite help to blog about it as I have a way to keep myself accountable.

The armoir has always remained on the first floor of our homes. My husband refuses to take it upstairs LOL! Since it can't be used for clothes, I've given it a new job. At one home it was our game cabinet.


K Quinn said...

I LOVE the ARMOIR! Oh goodness drool! I like the style of your furniture. (I admit here and now to not know furniture styles) It is Victorian but the placement and decorating is a clean open look which is NOT Victorian. Very pretty and comfortable but not too feminine so that a man would not be comfortable too. I like that. A lot.

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--Thank you for the compliment!

I don't know what the furniture style is, either, but I like the warm wood colors and the *light* amount of ornate decoration.

I used to think I wanted heavy Victorian. Then I realized that I'd have to CLEAN all of it!

As the years have gone by, I have come to enjoy simplicity. I don't like the stark modern stuff, either, because it doesn't have any softness to it, but I wouldn't mind a bit less ornate.

My goal is to one day move to a more 50s style of simple design but with lots of fabric textures and color.

One day!

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