Feb 23, 2009

Phase 1: Week 2--Revamping

Since I did the Living/Dining area (now known as the "Club Room" and "Seating Area" ;o), I looked ahead and saw that the basement is scheduled for next week. I decided to go easy on myself and do the laundry/mud room this week and devote next week to the dungeon, I mean basement.

It's actually pretty nice down there. My husband began to "finish" it 7 years ago. The walls are in, the ceiling is "done" and the flooring is in. He just put the doors on this past fall. BUT, there is still more to do, like finishing the stair area, threshholds, actual decorating...

The spiders think that they have condos down there. I ignore them, but it's time to reclaim the area!

Maybe a week isn't long enough?


humblelabor said...

Ahhh...a basement...wish we had those here in Texas. I'd even happily share mine with a few spiders. ;)

Roxanne said...

Having grown up in Florida, I was STOKED about having a basement. It gave us an additional 700sf!

I just have to make it a REGULAR part of my housecleaning...


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