Feb 26, 2009

Phase 1: Week 2--reporting in...

Well, I have to say that decluttering the office is KICKING MY BUTT!

I don't wanna do it, no, no, no, no!

I had it all figured out--one section (small!) each day. I did ONE section. And it's a mess again.

It's Thursday and I'm determined it will NOT get the best of me. I think I'll have to include Saturday and Sunday to really finish this, but I will do it. I must.

There's just SO MUCH PAPER! Personal papers, husband's business papers, homeschooling papers, things that pretty much will never have a place to live.

I thought the computer age would alleviate this paper problem?

I AM determined to "overcome" this roadblock. I thought I'd share a picture of my dearly-departed puppy. Jeannie commented about keeping her puppy's ashes and toys as a way to remember their years together. Emily also commented about items that reminded her of loyal pets. That got me thinking about my "baby" of 13 years. She died the year before my son was born.

She was a good dog and gave me a place to lavish all my maternal instincts. Her name was "Marigold." Her mother's name was Geranium and her brother's name was Chrysanthemum (Chris for short). My MIL named them--long flower names for little pomeranians.

Miss you, Pup.


humblelabor said...

Marigold is such a cutie pie! I love the name history. I'll bet she was a good, sweet dog.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful names for the doggies! What a cutie patootie she was. :)

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