Apr 17, 2009


Here in the frigid north we have finally seen some sunshine! On Wed., Thurs. AND Fri. we had sun and temperatures in the 50s and 60s! Spring really is attempting to show up here.

My first thought? "I can hang the laundry OUTside! I would take a picture but our clothes don't make a lovely "tea-towels and vintage sheets flapping in the breeze" look. I'd hate to spoil the excitement with a reality visual!

I have posted a poll on the sidebar. I'd like some feedback about what topics are most interesting. Those topics are what interest me, so if I'm the only one who votes I'll still get to have fun with it.


Tracy said...

Roxanne, I've been reading your blog for about a month and really enjoy it. I love how you went about your spring cleaning--you had a plan and went for it! Good for you. I always make a plan whenever I start a big project too. My hubby thinks I'm nuts when I do, but I like to get it all organized and planned out, that way I can just follow the plan! I am about to start "Cleanfest 2009" myself. I work part time but have the next 5 days off and hope to at least decluuter the whole house, then clean it one room a day after I go back to work.

Roxanne said...

Tracy--great minds think alike!

That's the only way I get anything done. If I don't plan and then break it up into pieces that I can manage, I mostly stand there trying to figure out what to do. Then I go sit in front of the TV or computer and get nothing done LOL!

I'm "Roxanne with a Plan."

Congratulations as you embark on CF 2009. Keep me posted on your progress and I'll cheer you on!

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