Apr 21, 2009

Two birds with one sewing machine

This week my "Beautify" focus areas are the upstairs bathroom and the basement pantry.

We're going to start on the bathroom tonight, but during the day I tackled that pantry.

It needed a good cleaning and many things needed to be returned to their proper places. After that, I glanced at this monstrosity:

I've posted a picture of this area before, but I chose to crop it creatively as in completely doing away with the upper area!:

(There's a lesson about perspective somewhere in all of this.) Anyway, I decided it was time to do something about it. My husband originally wanted to make sliding doors there, painted white. We haven't gotten around to that, so I thought I'd create a temporary option. (We'll eventually do those doors.)

I also wanted to keep with my decision to "Beautify" as thriftily as possible. I had this green gingham fabric that was originally supposed to be the rocking chair cushion covers in my son's baby nursery. My SEVEN year old son. Obviously I never got around to it. (I was working. I had already done nurseries for two friends. I was in denial that a baby was actually going to be there soon...excuse, excuse.)

I quickly hemmed the edges and sewed a rod pocket into the two sections. NOW I have something nicer to look at than all those ugly wires!

My first thrifty sewing/decorating project is complete!


Anonymous said...

Hello Roxanne,

Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my blog today :)

Your creativity with gingham is unmatched! Isn't it amazing what little bit of fabric can do?

Take Care,


Mrs G said...

Now that is much nicer, and couldn't be easier!

Looking forward to more posts on thrifty decorating.

50sgal said...

Fabric and thread to the rescue! They and a pot of paint are often a gal's best friend.

Anonymous said...

Great fix ~ definitely better than all those wires. :)

Roxanne said...

Yes, that project was SO easy. Too bad I didn't think of it SEVEN years ago when my pantry was built.

Seven. Sheesh.

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