Apr 22, 2009

Poll results

Thank you to everyone who participated in my poll about topics of interest. The top four topics were:

  • "Make-Do" Sewing
  • Orderly Housekeeping
  • Thrifty Decorating
  • Old-Fashioned Finances

I got things underway with yesterday's post in which I combined the topics of Thrifty Decorating and "Make-Do" Sewing.

I have lots of post ideas brewing. I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas AND hearing what you have to share.

Most of us don't have the local group of women from which to learn like in decades past. Most of us don't have acquaintances who are even interested in making a home more comfortable and useful to ourselves and our families.

Let's encourage one another as we find our own new levels of "haven."


Anonymous said...

I love all those topics and can hardly wait to see what you post.

I've often thought I'm very different from most people I meet in that I have cannot relate to their lifestyles much of the time. No one I've met in my community is interested in 'homemaking' and in fact think I don't have a life and need to get one! I just cannot relate to that kind of thinking! Homemakers have a life and more work than can get done in a day--if they're doing their work! Not only that, we are making a HOME. These gals don't get it or weren't taught it or just plain don't care.

Aren't we special? :)

Roxanne said...

Jeannie--that's exactly what I'm talking about. It's nice having the internet because you can share with other like-minded people and not feel "odd" that we enjoy taking care of our home and family.

We ARE special, of course!

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