Apr 27, 2009

My husband is mean

Twenty-four years of marriage. Five years of dating before that. A child together.

Do you know what that mean man did to me? He stopped me from buying THIS at a yard sale on Saturday:

Is it not the coolest thing, ever????

I told him I'd recover it. I told him I'd throw out unimportant things like the Foosball table and my sewing machine. I told him I needed it.

He gently took my hand and walked me to the car. He slowly drove away as I pressed my face to the window.

Now that I'm away from its retro lure, I realize that he was right. We honestly don't have room for it. It's a little too far into the late 60s for the rest of my furniture in the "retro" area of the basement.

He was right. He's a kind and good man. He has to be--he puts up with my lapses of sense.

But it really was cool.


Anonymous said...

ROFL! I love it! Your DH saved you from yourself :)

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