Apr 29, 2009

Phase 3--Week 1: Upstairs bathroom and Basement Pantry

We've almost finished up on Week One's mission. I finished the pantry in the basement and then began to work on the other area: the upstairs master bathroom.

We remodeled it in January...a year ago. Yes, the time has come to finish it.

The tasks were/are:

  • Paint door trim
  • Touch-up wall paint over shower
  • Make Roman shade for the window (from previously bought fabric and trim)
  • Change or refurbish the lights above the sink
  • (Maybe) add a fabric topper to the shower curtain (from same fabric as shade)

We finished the trim and the touch-up paint. I made the Roman shade. (Yay! I don't have to turn of the lights to get out of the shower anymore!) It turned out pretty well though I don't recommend trying to put piping into something that doesn't have closed off ends. I tried hand tacking them, but they WILL be unraveling in the future. Here it is up:

And down:

I haven't made the topper for the shower curtain, yet. I'm trying to decide how I want to do that. I considered echoing the bottom of the roman shade (scalloped bottom with the piping), but the unraveling situation has me stumped. Ideas, please.

Now, those lights. They are circa 1974, I think. Since moving in 9 years ago, we have often referred to them as "chicken warmers." (You know, like you'd see in a fast food restaurant.) They're made of aluminum it seems. We took one down to take to a vintage lamp shop later this week to see what they they think of them. I took a picture of the one that is still attached to the ceiling:

I'm of two minds about them. (I know, don't be double-minded.)

  • Paint them black on the outside and either white or chrome on the inside.
  • Chuck them and get new ones.

ETA: I forgot to mention that my color scheme is white, yellow and black. The beadboard is white and goes up five feet. Above that is a nice clear yellow. The floor is wood, the rugs and towels are yellow. The accents and curtain are black and white.

So, with that information, what do you think I should do about the lighting?


Anonymous said...

ooooh-- I love your Roman Shade! So very pretty.

About those lights..... I vote for chucking them and getting new just because there isn't a whole lot about 1970's style that does it for me.

BUT, I know you are trying to do all this sprucing up without spending money. So, in that case, I vote for painting the outside black and the inside white. That would make them look less 1970's.

Take Care,


Glove Slap said...

oooh, paint the lights! Paint is magic. You could even paint the insides a slightly rosy color, for a flattering light.

Roxanne said...

The Roman shade was WAY easier than I thought it was going to be. In fact, the reason I put it off so long is because I was intimidated.

The "Chicken Warmers" do nothing for me in their present state. We already own the spray paint (leftover from another project), so I think we'll paint them.

It will be free to try. If we like it, GREAT! If not, we'll go to plan B.

Glove Slap (love the name!)--I like how you think regarding the paint affecting the light! It IS harsh lighting the way it's set up.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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