May 21, 2009

1962--The Dining Room

From the long living room with it's many purposes, you walk toward the left back of the house and into the dining room.

There actually IS a TV in the living room. It is relegated to a far away corner, across from the end of the desk. You'll see it as you look into the dining area.

In the dining room, you'll see the same curtains as used in the living room. Unseen on the left is a credenza in Danish modern. It was still filled with all the serving pieces and linens for meals. I made use of them while we were living there. On the right is a floating shelf with a curved shape to it that could be used as extra serving space. On the wall is wallpaper. Throughout the house is lots of wallpaper, all of it vintage.

I'll post the picture here, but if you'd like to see it up close go HERE and the picture will be "clickable." Scroll down past the two living room pictures.

I'm not a fan of carpet in the dining room. I have it now, which is why I'm not a fan. I have to say, though, that after 37 years of use, the short shag used in this house was still in stunningly good shape. Maybe I should consider shag next time.

The door you see to the right enters the kitchen. I'll do a post about that tomorrow.


Packrat said...

LOL I think that is the same carpet that is still on the landing and up the stairs! Can't wait to see the kitchen!

Packrat said...

Oops - The carpet is like what is in our house, not the same carpet. :)

Roxanne said...

Actually, in this house, the shag DOES go up the stairs.

The upstairs, however, was all linoleum. Apparently there was no point to paying the extra to carpet the sleeping areas.

Now houses tend to do the opposite--hardwood floors downstairs and some sort of carpet for the bedrooms. Seems cozier that way.

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