May 22, 2009

1962--The Kitchen

Now for the kitchen. It's a galley shape. Wait 'til you see the wallpaper choice in here!

The cabinetry is all metal. The stove is in spectacular condition. It is wide enough to have lots of space between the burners and two ovens. The oven on the left (no window) was about half the size of the one on the right. All the cabinets were still filled with dishes, pans, pots, etc. Even the cookbooks and coupons were still there.

The little piece of counter you see at the bottom right is a desk area. The phone (attached to the wall of course) is there. A drawer with phone book, pencils, etc. is underneath, and there is space for a high stool. (ETA--The phone there was a new one. The one UPstairs was the one attached to the wall. It's been 10 years. My memory is fuzzy!)

To the left of the stove is a broom closet. To the left of the broom closet is a 1/2 bath (unusual for that time). To the left of the bathroom is the door leading to the basement.

The carpet on the floor (Oh I WISH I had a closeup!) is the sage color with orange and yellow dots! It is NOT shag but a very flat, nice carpet. It, too, was in fantastic condition. While living there I spilled something on it. I was horrified! 37 years and it looked practically new and I'M the one to ruin it?? I made it my goal in life to get that spot out (and succeeded).

ALL of the appliances in this house were vintage. There was even a washing machine circa 1960s in the basement. No dryer, though. That's what that clothesline in the backyard was for!

This couple must have been a little bit upscale. Besides the 1/2 bath and nice furniture, they also had a dishwasher. That baby still worked, too! The frig, too, was vintage and very roomy. The board in the back of the room is actually a pull-down table. The daughter told me that she and her sister would sit there and do there homework sometimes when their mother was getting dinner. To the left of that table was the back door.

While I was living there the washing machine finally died. I was aghast. THEN the dishwasher overflowed. I thought I was going to die. I figured out what I had done wrong (I had stopped it to answer the phone by opening it slightly and it continued to fill with water. Dishwashers have come a LONG way since then). I figured the daughter was going to throw me out for sure when it appeared that I was staining, breaking, and flooding everything!

That's all the pictures that I have. We did a video, but it's on a VCR tape and I can't upload it. In my next post all do a quick word description of the 2nd floor and the basement.

I hope you're finding this interesting. It was such a great adventure getting to travel back in time and live there. I just can't do it justice, especially without pictures!

Sadly, the granddaughter remodeled it when she graduated from college and moved in. If I had known she was going to do that, I would have packed the couch and taken it with me!


Jitterbug said...

What a treat! It must've felt like you'd stepped onto some excellent period stage set - or right into the pages of a 1962 House and Garden. Thanks so much for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

I am so loving the peek back into the 60's and so wishing that my home could look like that now!
Hmmmm...something to actually work towards ~ so much easier to have an actual picture than trying to sort out things in one's head.

Packrat said...

Thank you for sharing. This house *is* like out of a magazine. The people that I knew didn't have houses decorated that nicely. Even though the house my parents had built (we moved into it in April 1962) was beautiful, it wasn't decorated like that. We lived with old furniture.

Roxanne said...

I think the owners were solidly middle class. I think that because they lived in the house for 10 years before decorating it like this and THEN they didn't change it ever again! That suggests that they might have decided to do it up with the understanding that it was going to last them.

The furniture was all worn (37 years, after all!) but everything was VERY well taken care of which also is telling. They felt like they had invested in their furnishings and intended for them to be there for quite a while.

My next post will be a description of the upstairs and basement. No pictures, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...


I'm loving this series. It's so nice to be reminded of a time when you bought really good quality and kept it.

A couple of things to share:

When I bought my first house it was decorated and furnished in the 50's and had NEVER BEEN UPDATED, ever. Not even the paint or wall paper. It came with Kelvinator appliances (the husband was a Kelvinator salesman). It was pretty cool, but unfortunatly the home lacked basic maintenance for all of those years so it was in great disrepair.

One of my great Aunts became a widow in the 1960's right after she and her husband built a new home and furnished it to the 9's. I visited her in the late 80's and early 90's. Not one thing had changed. It was like looking back in time! The good thing was that my aunt kept everything in very good shape so it was like new.

Again, I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed these posts on 1962!

Take Care,


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