May 26, 2009

Poll Results on Housecleaning Frequency

Recently I set up a poll asking about how often you do your housecleaning. HERE is the original post.

The results were that 70% cleaned a little each day. 20% cleaned when it looked like it needed it. 10% got it out of the way in just one day each week.

At some point soon I will share my "routines" about keeping house. I've refined them over the years, changing with each circumstance. For example, I didn't even bother to clean for the several weeks after my child was born.

I lean toward the "get it all done" rather than a little each day. I do my major housecleaning in two days. One day is for the downstairs, and the second is for the upstairs. Now that my basement is cleaned and organized, I'll have to figure out how to incorporate regular maintenance there. I have to. The spiders are standing on the sidelines hoping that I'll forget the basement is there again. They've got webs and they know how to use them.

I declare that I will rise to their challenge. I will overcome. I will clean.


Packrat said...

Your basement is cleaned and organized. Oh, Wow! Congrats! I'm afraid to go in mine. LOL

I was just thinking I need to clean the entry way. Instead, I'm reading blogs and making comments. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Roxanne said...

Try my special plan for motivation to clean the basement:

1) Invite a family to come and stay with you.

2) Realize that the only place for them to sleep is in your basement.

3) Panic.

4) Then commence cleaning.

It really works!

Multiple rewards for me, that's for sure. We got to visit with some wonderful friends, and then we get to enjoy a cleared and clean basement.

Well...except for one room. The "workshop." I just closed that door and walked up the stairs...

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