Jun 25, 2009

Summer is Here!

Summer has certainly taken its own sweet time getting here. We're "Up North" and it's nearly July and we've FINALLY gotten up in the high 80s. It's even humid! I am typing this from my basement. It's cooler down here. I'm holding off on putting the window ACs in because I'm hard- headed and want to see how long we can go without it.

When I was growing up in Florida in the 60s and 70s, we did NOT have air conditioning. Not even window ACs. I remember getting ready for my first date with my (now) husband. I had taken a shower and gotten dressed and was standing over the oscillating fan holding my shirt over it to keep reasonably dry. Hot, hot, hot. That was October 5th.

Our house, though, was built to do its best to alleviate the heat. We had high ceilings and an attic fan. (That baby would make the curtains stand horizontal when we cranked it up!) There were awnings on the large windows that we'd keep open. The walls were thick. It was certainly more bearable than a house that wasn't built like that, but it was still hot.

So, I'm in the basement. We're doing our homeschooling down here and then I'm going to break out the wading pool and let my son have some fun. In the sun.

Since summer is SO short here, I have set my face like flint and determined we were going to eke out every last opportunity to enjoy it. We've already been on one camping trip. Now we're going on another. We'll leave after church on Sunday and be back Wed. evening. Of COURSE my laptop will go with me. It wouldn't be camping without it, right? (Hmmm. I'd better check and make sure the campground has WiFi...)

I have to say, I LOVE our little camper. I wrote about it HERE if you're interested in seeing the back story and pictures of it. It fits our family perfectly. Best of all, it's paid for! It was built in 1999, but I'm tempted to give it a more retro look. If you'd like to see some really cool vintage trailers, click HERE.

"Summertime......and the living is ea-sy..."


Anonymous said...


Love your little camper -- so much nicer than a tent.

Have a fun time,


Roxanne said...

Trixie--thanks! Our camper makes me smile every time I get into it!

We had a wonderful time and stayed comfortable and dry.

Gotta like that!

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