Jul 24, 2009

Daily Chassis Maintenance

It has been a month since I began my "Chassis Maintenance." On the sidebar I kept up with what was scheduled for each day. It was useful to me to come and see what each day's activity was.

I was planning on taking down the daily "To Do" after the month was up. I was wondering if it was useful to anyone else, or if we're ready to move on. I'll post a poll so I can decide if it's a good thing to leave it up for another month or to go ahead and remove it. I'd appreciate your input.

I DO plan to finish the last few areas of my closet and post about those.

I like having the maintenance schedule on a blog as a reminder. I have created a "private" blog where I post things like that for just my eyes. I like it better than a "reminder" type of program because I like it to be pretty and colorful. Along with personal care, I have links to specific articles of encouragement and it's nice to have the posting area to use as a type of diary/journal.

I recommend it!


Tess said...

Whether or not you continue the Chassis Maintenance section, I though I would let you know that the white font on the new cream background is IMPOSSIBLE to read!

Roxanne said...

Tess--thanks for letting me know. I will take care of it posthaste!

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