Sep 2, 2009

CONTEST: Guess the colors...and win!

We're still putting the "finishing touches" on the three rooms we painted last weekend. For fun I thought I'd see if y'all could guess what colors we chose based on what we had to work with.

Here are the "before" pictures:




Here are your clues:
  • All the curtains remained.
  • The couch and chair fabrics stayed the same.
  • We removed the wallpaper.
  • Only the walls were painted.
  • We tried to blend the three rooms together since they're open to one another.
  • I wanted yellow, but my husband said no. Just because we have yellow in two other rooms. (What kind of logic is that, I ask you?)
  • We ended up using TWO colors.

Write your guesses for the colors (general color--you don't have to get a Sherwin Williams name or anything) in each room in the comments section. Next Monday (9/7/09), I will post the "after" pictures and determine the person who wins THIS (click on the book for info.):

You KNOW that you either had one of these or wanted one of these when you were little! The book is a delightful walk down memory lane.


Packrat said...

I have a guess, but I think I'll wait to see... :)

I did have an easy bake - actually two - a really old one that only Grandma would let me use and I got a new one for Christmas one year. None were as fancy as the one shown on the brochure. :)

Maggie said...

A lovely sage green? I never had an Easy Bake oven; I learned how to use the real one at an early age and my parents didn't find that necessary, I guess!

FarmMom said...

I positive whatever you went with it looks incredible. Did you use a light olive and coffee with cream?

Roxanne said...

Packrat--the one I had was the same color as the one on the cover, but less fancy.

Maggie--the Easy Bake oven that I had was a hand-me-down from my sister. She's 10 years older. It had already seen better days, so I took it outside and made mudpies and left it out in the rain to rust. I know--no respect at all.

FarmMom--it was quite a struggle to get something to work. As you'll see when I (finally) post the pics, caffeine was definitely involved. Wait. That didn't come out right...

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