Oct 18, 2009

Eeek!! Age Spots...

If you're under 35, you may stop reading now. Or, you can file this away for when you get past 35. Either way.

For those OVER 35, I have a question for you. Do you suffer from age spots? (Do I sound like a retirement home commercial yet?) I'm talking about those brown spots, aka "liver spots" that start appearing on your skin when you're "of a certain age."

Well, I have them. I've had them for a while. A FEW of them. About 2 years ago they discovered one another and decided to congregate. They found that, together, they were a formidable force with which to be reckoned. Gathering confidence, they became bold in their color.

One day, I looked down at my forearm and, lo, a FEW had become a two-inch oval. What the heck? Day after day my eye was drawn to this dark brown patch. It was becoming darker. I could feel my gray hairs gloating about there being another sign to indicate the abundance of my years.

Mutiny. That's what it was.

So, of course, I looked up the culprits. I am a fan of natural methods of treating the body before heading off to the doctor. Not that the doctor would or could do much about it. My eye doctor snorted when I asked why my eyesight was suddenly no longer 20/20. The answer, "You're getting old." Thanks.

Anyway, back to the Patch of Doom. Several sites mentioned using Castor Oil. Well, why not? As long as I don't have to ingest it, I'm game.

So I began to rub Castor oil on the Oval of Old-Age in the morning and the evening. About three weeks later, I could swear I saw a little lightening of the area. I showed my husband. He said it looked the same.

Another three weeks passed and, I'm not kidding, it is 90% GONE! I have compared my arms with one another, I have brandished the area about in every type of light that I could...and it seems to be working!

I don't have a "before" picture (never thought of that!), but The Mark of Agedness is seared in my memory.

I am a believer. I endorse Castor Oil.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement.


Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Oh, I'm gonna try that. Age spots come from sun exposure, I think.

Roxanne said...

I wouldn't be surprised. I've also heard they come from too many toxins in the liver (hence "liver spots") but I'd have to look that up to be sure.

I grew up in FL in the days when you didn't apply sunscreen, you applied baby oil--to intensify the tanning, of course. Oy!

If you try it, Mary, please let me know if it worked for you, too. Give it six weeks of AM and PM application. And take a "before" picture!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Hmmm. Where would one even find castor oil? The drug store? What about age spots on your face? Might be worth a shot. I was going to go for a lazer treatment. I bet castor oil is much less expensive! LOL!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Roxanne said...

I found my Castor Oil in the health food store. It *might* be at a drugstore, too.

Castor Oil is drying, so to use it on your face you might need to mix it with a carrying oil (like olive oil) half and half--or so I've read. I would use it on a small place first to make sure there's no reaction, and then give it a try AM and PM and just see!

Packrat said...

I'm glad Castor oil worked! I do have three age spots, but they look like my other freckles. I think the liver thing is an old wives tale. :)

Roxanne said...

I was medium OK when they were pretending to be freckles on my arm. But THEN they joined together and it was frightening!

Old Wives Tale, eh? Now I have to research it! I'll see what I can find on it. I'm intrigued now.

Roxanne said...

OK--I Wiki'd it and here is the link:


Yep--not caused by issues of the liver.

Sun damage is the primary culprit. Figures. I'm white as a ghost now after 12 years "up north" but those 30 odd years in south Florida are coming back to haunt me.

If you live in the south, COVER UP!

Anonymous said...

I have old age spots but I don't suffer from them.

Roxanne said...


chocolate and whine said...

I loved this post! And I'm totally going to remember this when I start to get old. (I refuse to believe it's already happening.)

I wish this stuff worked on freckles. I have a few I wouldn't mind saying goodbye to.

Roxanne said...

Chocolate--I, myself, am in denial. I'm not old. Nope. Not on the inside, anyway!

Now if my body would just agree with my mind, I'd be good.

Emily said...

That's great to know! I'll be one of those filing this away for later ;) but, not too much later! Thanks for being #500.....I'll have to plan another giveaway!

Mo said...

Wow, I'm definitely trying that! Thanks for the tip...

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