Oct 14, 2009

Good Housekeeping, 1955: Treats for Children

Every time I look in my 1955 Good Housekeeping Cookbook, I find another gem. This time, the kids will benefit.

First, let me increase your popularity points with a few of these suggestions. This section is entitled, well,:

Ways to Be Popular

  • Appeal of the Miniature: Anything cut down to children's size is twice as much fun--a cupcake frosted all over, an individual meat loaf, a pie just 6" across.
  • Personalize It: His name or his initials, or the numerals of his age, are just as precious at six years as at sixty. So "write" them on top of the pudding with raisins or with whipped cream.
  • Hidden Treasure: A single raisin in the rice pudding, a green pea in the carrots, and a candy tucked in a cupcake after it's baked are fun whether Junior, Mom, or Dad is the lucky finder. (I really liked this one.)

There were more, but I think you'll hit popularity satiation with just the above tips.

Another sections says:

Start the Day Bright

  • Orange Juice: With nail polish, mark rules on glass--a line for babies, one for little boys, one for big boys. Of course "big boys" line is at the bottom.
  • Eggs: Serve scrambled eggs right in small skillet in which they were cooked. Or serve in Sister's toy skillet. (Using the toy kitchen items to serve sounds like fun.)

Now let's get down to the issue of soup:

Happy Soups

  • Two Tones: Simultaneously pour two soups, such as tomato and cream of chicken, into soup plate. Each soup will stay put on its own side.
  • Parsley Figures: Sprinkle soup with finely snipped parsley to form child's initial or star, or other figure.
  • Toast Float: cut toast into animal shapes; float on soup.
  • Center Star: Set cookie cutter (star or other shape) in center of soup plate. Pour pea soup into cookie cutter, tomato soup around it. Carefully lift out cutter. Serve at once.

I think I might just incorporate a few of these myself. My 7yo will be all over this. Personally, I'm going to do the "Center Star." For me. Hey, I may be older than 7, but I still like fun!


Packrat said...

Cute ideas. There are the old standbys of using a cookie cutter on toast, grilled cheese, or peanut butter sandwiches. Also, pancakes made really small or in shapes will usually get kids to eat them.

Packrat said...

PS - Take the two toned soup idea and use vanilla and choc pudding (or other contracting colors. That would be fun.

Roxanne said...


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