Oct 13, 2009

Vintage Advice: Fragrance as a Gift (Pt. 3)

"P.S. One thing to be remembered is to give the men only those scents with virile names. (We're secretly convinced the darlings would use Chanel No. 5 if you called it Fox and Hounds.)"

"Shulton's Old Spice shaving mug is always good; Lentheric's Fougere is a tweedy odor. Jeurelle is a good and woodsy fragrance,"

"Seaforth in jugs smells of heather and fern. Yardley's gift set has all the gadgets even to brilliantine--and for the small-fry male, there's a checkerboard box with Young Lad hair lotion."

You are now prepared with all the information you need to know how to give vintage scents. Remember not to MATCH, but to do the opposite of type...

If you want to give a provocative gift!


Packrat said...

Old Spice is always a favorite.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--I agree. My dad was an Old Spice man. I love how it smells and it, of course, reminds me of him.

I'm assuming "Old Spice" is a virile enough name since it was so popular LOL!

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