Oct 12, 2009

Before and After: The Kitchen (finally!)

Over a MONTH ago (HERE) my husband and I finally got around to updating the walls in the main living area. The pictures of the new colors in the "Seating Area" and "Club Room" have been posted, but I had not been able to get pictures of the new kitchen look.

At long last, I have pictures. First, here is the "Before" of the kitchen. I loved the wallpaper when we moved in nine years ago. I had grown heartily tired of it, but I didn't know what color I wanted to go with.

This little shelf area decorated a bare spot between the slider and the kitchen cabinets.

We stripped all the wallpaper and the kitchen was white on white on white. What to do? I kind of wanted a vintage "feel" if I could possibly get one, but had to work with a red tile floor and olive green curtains on the slider. Most importantly, I had to make THIS COUCH work in the room adjoining the kitchen. Quite a dilemma.

After much deliberation (and a marriage counselor--JUST kidding!), my husband and I agreed on a colonial blue. I waffled all over the place worried that I would make the wrong choice. My husband tried to let me decide, but finally I made a wise decision. He's a paint contractor and an artist. The man knows color--let HIM decide! I was thrilled with his choice.

I hauled out ALL of my cobalt blue glass and liberally sprinkled it about.

Here's a shot of the full kitchen. Notice more cobalt glass above the sink and on top of the frig. Especially notice my copper jello mold over the stove. At least it's vintage!

Here's one of my favorite things. After we chose the color and got it on the walls, I remembered that I had seven blue doorknobs. I quickly found them and, lo and behold, they matched perfectly! Oh, to have had enough for the whole kitchen! Since there weren't enough, I chose to make them a focal point on the front of the bar.

There you have it. My stab at a mid-century "feel" in my kitchen.

(Does this win the prize of most links to past posts in one new post?)


Packrat said...

The blue paint is perfect vintage. That same color was under the 40's wall paper in my kitchen. (Do you know that just dawned on me? Helloooo, Sue, anyone home?) LOVE IT.

Roxanne said...

Packrat said: "(Do you know that just dawned on me? Helloooo, Sue, anyone home?)"

Sorry--I'm drawing a blank. You'll have to enlighten me!

I forgot to mention in my post that the off-white stove and hood are JARRINGLY out of place now. I'm on the lookout for a white replacement now!

Packrat said...

Sorry back. I was expecting you to read my mind. LOL.

Anyway, I never thought of blue walls in a kitchen as being vintage. Then, I got to thinking. Under all the layers of wall paper in my kitchen I found blue paint. (This is what just dawned on me.) The oldest two layers of wallpaper were from the 1940's. So, sometime in the 30's or early 40's my kitchen was painted blue.

Roxanne said...

I get it now...I just didn't know who "Sue" was!

Roxanne said...

Oops--hit "send" before I was done.

I thought maybe you were quoting an old movie or TV series or something. Like "Alice--I'm gonna send you to the moon!" (Honeymooners)

Anonymous said...

I love the blue. Good choice -- especially using the cobalt blue accents. Isn't blue and white so refreshing?

Roxanne said...

Trixie--The blue and white really is crisp, isn't it? I was worried it would look plain, but in the words of all those TV designers, "It pops!"

Sparkleneely said...

Colonial blue is very close to Tiffany blue, and that's my favorite color. What a gorgeous kitchen and terrific results -- perfect mid-century goodness. (I am having serious cabinet envy...)

Roxanne said...

Sparkle--Thank you. I am SO loving the blue! I smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

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