Oct 4, 2009

Fall Cleaning: The Club Room

Fall Cleaning: I'm so excited! The whole house feels different when I deep-clean like this.

The first room on the agenda is the "Club Room." It's actually my living room, but I waltzed the furniture around until my dining table and chairs were in front of the windows and two wing-back chairs were off to the side in a little grouping. It reminded me of the clubs for men only during Victorian times where they smoked, drank, played card games and caught up on the news of the day. This picture is of the interior of the Athenaeum Club in London.

Note the "manly" hunt colors and the leather. Here is a picture of MY "Club Room." I think they look similar...don't you? Minus the expensive carpeting, the leather, and the expensive stuff, of course. First, the dining area:

Then the chatting area:

Notice the walls. These are freshly painted (as of a month ago, anyway). They were originally a "latte" color, but we darkened them to a chocolate-y color. I'm pretending it's leather. Squinch your eyes and you'll see it, too.

Here's a "Before" picture for wall-color comparison:

Faded. Boring. Blah. I don't even want to look at it anymore. Scroll up to ease your eyes.

Soon, this room will be as clean as the Athenaeum servants would have kept it. Oh, yeah.


Packrat said...

Very nice. Love, love the striped chairs. And the wall color. And the window shutters.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--did you think "leather" when you looked at the walls? No? Did you squint like I told you to? (Ha!)

Packrat said...

I did squint and the color did darken. But leather? Not really, but I still like the color. You "done good". :)

Roxanne said...

Didn't get "leather" even after squinting, eh? I guess I'll accept reality, then LOL!

I LOVE the color. It's rich and warm and cozy for winter. It also gives me cravings for chocolate. That can't be good.

Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

That's a neat idea.

Packrat said...

Chocolate is always a good idea (until we step on the scales). :)

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