Nov 6, 2009

Letting my mind wander...

It could be just me, I know.

When I am trying to go to sleep at night, or when I'm doing something that doesn't engage my mind (like ironing, which I just finished doing), my mind wanders from one topic to another at amazing speed.

Not only does my mind jump between topics quickly, but the topics themselves are rather...well, random. I decided to be aware of my thought process about halfway through the ironing. I'd already gone through ten thoughts. I figured I would share them with you because they're just kind of bizarre. You're welcome.

  • "I have seven shirts to iron. Will the amount of water in the iron hold out for all seven?"
  • "I like my over-the-door ironing board. It was such a good choice!" (I say this to myself EVERY time I iron.)
  • "It's pretty dark outside. I wonder if it's going to snow?"
  • "I'm keeping the heat low, but I'm STILL warmer than kings used to be in those big, drafty castles!"
  • "I just read that some kings used a whipping boy in place of disciplining the princes themselves when they misbehaved. I wonder if it was really a boy or a man?"
  • "I wonder if the whipping boy/man made it a point to do bad things himself since he was going to get disciplined anyway?"
  • "Wow. That would have to be one of those worst jobs."
  • "Worst jobs. What would I consider my worst job?"
  • "Define worst."
  • "I kind of like all my jobs. At least, I don't really mind any of them."

Do you see what I mean? Bizarre.

When you're doing non-mind-challenging work today, tune in and listen to where your thoughts lead. Please tell me they're as bizarre as mine!


Packrat said...

Check out this link. The Whipping Boy was the 1987 Newbery Medal winning book.

This might be something to read to your son.

I do the same as you do, or sometimes I make up stories that are so great that I think they should be written down. But, when I go to put them on paper, they're gone - "kinda" like those elusive dreams. Actually, quite often I sing to myself. A certain noise with a certain pitch will trigger a song that just won't go away. lol

Anonymous said...

Yes my mind wanders through an amazing array of subjects, one leading to the other and ending up sometimes so far removed from where my initial thought started. :)Linda

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