Nov 27, 2009

Shameless use of a blog

You see what this NaBloPoMo commitment has done? It's requirements of daily posting have caused me to reveal that today is my birthday--something I wouldn't have done otherwise!

But, since I'm announcing this occasion, I just want to say that I'm turning 29.

I'm fully aware that being 29 today means that I was only five when I married my husband. I have to admit that finding a wedding dress in the girls department was a bit difficult. For the wedding pictures they had me stand on a box. Instead of going on a honeymoon, I was sent back home to wait until I was really old enough, which was about nine years ago.

We celebrate our anniversary by saying that we've been married 24 years since it's the official date and all.

All presents of jewels and money can be sent to my home. Email for the address.


FarmMom said...

Have a WONDERFUL Day! It's special because our Father chose this day to gift the world with YOU!

Amanda said...

Have a wonderful Birthday!

Roxanne said...

Thank you for your words and wishes. I celebrated the day by avoiding Black Friday.

I'm kind to myself in that way.

Packrat said...

Oh no! I almost missed it. Happy Birthday! I hope all is well with you. I need to catch up on your posts. :)

Roxanne said...

Thank you. Only three more "daily" blogs to go. Then I'll go back to less often on the blogging. You'll be able to catch up then LOL!

Tess said...

My mother turns 29 every year, so you're in good company.

(My sister was born on my mom's 29th birthday. Mom said that she gets the birthdays now.)

I hope your day was wonderful!

Roxanne said...

I figured there were probably a LOT of 29yo around, all born in different years.

My dad always joked he was 29. Then, I passed him up age-wise.

He upped it to 39, and STAYED there!

Mrs Tailleur said...

Happy birthday. Sometimes it lands on Thanksgiving. Your family has a lot to be thankful for ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Tailleur and Trixie--Thank you, both!

Last year my birthday was on Thanksgiving. We had a huge feast and lots of pies and, oh, wait... That may NOT have been just for me.

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