Nov 2, 2009

Custer's ACTUAL Last Stand

My husband had a Custer doll when he was a boy. He saved it and it has made many moves with us. We were cleaning his workshop last winter and Custer, once again, surfaced.

When J (our son) was two, we tried to give him the Custer doll. His response? "NO, THANK YOU!" with an edge of fear in his toddler voice. When we found the doll this last time, J was six. It seemed like it was time to thrust Custer into the heat of battle again.

Flamboyant in his prime, Custer has now come to an acceptance of his purpose. He is stoic. (BTW, he's single...)


Several years ago (with that OTHER little boy) he sustained an injury that cost him his hand. No matter. He's prepared to do what he needs to do.


Our brave hero makes a declaration, hand raised in defiance: "I Will Prevail!"


A blast of snow takes him down.


Custer struggles to his feet, the weight of heavy snow on his shoulders. His arm still raised in a gesture of bravado. What's this? OH NO! It's the Leaf of Doom!


Our brave soldier is bombarded yet again.


The general is rescued and taken to the field hospital. After recovering, he raised his right hand...uh...right arm and vowed he would fight any enemy, with no regard to age or super-giantism.


(And, he's still single.)


Packrat said...

Oh, dear. lol

Does J know what Custer did? Does J know what really happened to Custer? There is a history lesson. Not a bright shining moment for our country. Ouch. To be very irreverent, that is why he is still single. (That was supposed to be funny, but I doubt it is.)

Have you looked to see if the Custer doll is worth anything?

Anyway, this was cute.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--J is unaware of Custer's past. One day he will know the truth, though.

The doll is worth less than zilch. He's recently lost the rest of that arm, too.

Serves him right!

Packrat said...


Mary said...

This made me laugh way harder than I want to admit.

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