Nov 1, 2009

Pie Poll Results

Well, it appears that the saying, "Men Eat Pie" is more true than not! (See HERE for the poll query.)

According to the poll results, 44 % of participants noticed that their male relatives were indeed avid pie fans, while 22% were equally fond of pies and cakes. Only 11% were Cake Only.

22% didn't like either one. Really?? I don't even know what to think of that. It's beyond my ability to comprehend. I bet they don't like chocolate, either. I know it's hard to believe, but it's certainly a possibility. We'll just step away from that 22% and move on...

We could probably divide the Pie Men down further into two specific groups: Fruit Pie Eaters and Cream Pie Eaters.

Cream Pie Eaters, you know, could EASILY slide right over into being willing Cake Eaters. It's not a long slope. Where does it go from there? What about custards? Puddings? FLAN, for heaven's sake? It's just too much.

I'll put a stop to it here before the madness gets out of hand.

To wrap this up, I leave you with one of my favorite non-pie-dessert recipes: Perfect Southern Banana Pudding. If you like creamy and smooth, this is the recipe for you. The original recipe calls for folding in the whipped cream. I don't do this. It makes it light, yes, but it reduces the creamy texture. Creamy is one of my food groups.

Perfect Southern Banana Pudding

2 C whipping cream, whipped
4 oz. instant vanilla pudding
1 can condensed milk
1 1/2 cups cold water
3 medium bananas
Vanilla wafers

Whip cream and chill. Combine condensed milk and water. Add pudding mix. Fold in whipping cream.

Layer wafers along the bottom and sides of a bowl. Add a layer of bananas. Cover with part of the pudding. Repeat until all ingredients are used. Make SURE you cover the bananas with pudding or they will get brown and yucky.

Finally, decorate the top with an arrangement of the leftover cookies. There WILL be cookies left over if you don't sample along the way. Just sayin'.


Packrat said...

See, you are off to a good start for the November blogging. Thank you for the recipe.

Roxanne said...

You can't go wrong with "creamy," "banana," and "pudding" all in the same sentence!

I already have several ideas brewing in my mind. Having this challenge will help me get them OUT of my brain and onto "paper."

HappyMom said...

I second the motion that this is the BEST Banana Pudding EVER!!! I've had quite a few in my day and after having eaten (and made) this, I will never ever ever try another Banana Pudding recipe ever again. YOU MUST TRY IT!!

Roxanne said...

Thank you, Happy Mom.

(Psst. Your check is in the mail. Thanks for pushing the recipe...)

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