Jan 16, 2010

New Poll: Bigger or Smaller?

I've been on a mission to declutter and use less space home-wise. I mean I really, really like the idea of less space! I know I'm not the only one, but I'm also aware that not everyone is interested in downsizing.

So, I thought I'd do a poll.

If money were no object and you had full choice of square footage for your dream house, would you move to a BIGGER place than you currently have or a SMALLER one?

I'd love it if you would elaborate about your choice in the comments. It's good to hear both sides of the thought process!


Anonymous said...

Smaller! Without young adults!

humblelabor said...

I have to admit I wouldn't mind a little more space. Unless we win the lottery, we won't every leave or add on to our little 2 bedroom, 900 square foot home. But with a baby on the way, we're in the process of reorganizing every room to make the second bedroom work as a nursery only, so I have been fantasizing about having a third bedroom. On the other hand, even if money were no object and we could buy a three bedroom house, I'm not sure I could leave this little house we love so much.

Roxanne said...


You're expecting?????????????

Details! Details!!

Amanda said...

I'd have to go with a tinge bit bigger. I have a little bungalow, and I would love just a bit more space in the kitchen.

Roxanne said...

Anonymous--Yay! Thanks for your vote. So far it's just me and you, though...

Amanda--Do you think you could eke out more space by rearranging or decluttering in the kitchen? You've probably already done that, but I wanted to mention it.

Packrat said...

I, too, live in a bungalow with a tiny kitchen. I would love a bigger kitchen.

I voted for a bigger house, but it wouldn't have to be. I could live happily in a house the same size (with a bigger/better placed kitchen) if we had a BIG heated shop!

humblelabor said...

Hi Roxanne!
We are expecting our first in May. I've thought about you because this baby will probably be our one and only and we're having a boy! I'm very happy. We've been waiting for this for a long time!

Thanks for keeping up so well with me and our little house and blogs over the last year or so, even when I haven't been writing very much at all. It's so nice to "meet" such a dear and sweet blogging-world person! You are very kind to show such interest in our happy news!

Warm wishes,

Dominique said...

I would keep the same amount of space, but I would want a different layout.

I live in a 500-600 sq' suite with my boyfriend and our cat. Because of the door locations it's been difficult to figure out how to create an office area never mind a kitchen table.

Roxanne said...

Dominique--You are my new hero!

Do you have pics? I would love to see how you've managed to make the square footage and the odd layout work for you.

Leave a link if you have a post about it!

As far as finding an office area, my suggestion is to think vertical.

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