Jan 15, 2010

Small House Inspiration

I am completely enamored of the idea of living in a smaller space. If you skim through my blog, you'll see my personal attempts at downsizing within my current home.

I came across an awesome set of pics that you MUST see. This family of three renovated a 382sf space. Here is her description:

Yes, we're on the move again! And this time, it's even smaller than our last little apt...a whopping 382 square feet. Woo woo! As you can see, it needs a lot of LOVE and ATTENTION...but we're up for it. It's an adorable little space, but has a few little problems we'll need to take care of :) The landlords are willing to pay for most/all of the work that we do...including remodeling the bathroom.

It's in the perfect location...even better than our last spot (that we've only been at a month...). It has a cute little yard and is right on the bike trail. Surrounded by unique and fun houses...it's in one of Bozeman's most sought after areas near downtown. Just 2 blocks to a great thrift store and all the yummy local coffee shops. A short bike ride away from the library.

The reason for the move was financial...this place is 50% less than where we are at now...only $450 a month and that includes high speed internet and cable. You can't find that anywhere in town, and believe me, we've looked! No laundry on site, but I'm one of those weird people who loves doing my laundry at the laundromat!

The link below shows the "before" and "after" shots. Click on "slideshow" in the upper right corner.

Click HERE.

The following link shows even more details added after they moved in. Here's her explanation:

We are finally all settled in our new apartment and we couldn't be happier! We are just made for small spaces...382 square feet to be exact.This is TRULY HOME to us. We renovated it for almost a month before moving in and Matt spent over 60 hours painting and painting and painting, tearing out flooring, installing new switch plates, light fixtures, and more.

Click HERE to see the extra pics.

I am TOTALLY inspired by this!!!


Packrat said...

This is one subject we don't agree on. I like big houses. I prefer smaller cozier rooms, but I want lots of them - project rooms, family room, formal living room, formal dining room, guest rooms, separate laundry room, two bathrooms, big pantry, lots of closet space.

I haven't yet looked at the pictures. I'm afraid to. :)

I *might* make it living in a space that size by myself, but not with anyone else. About three years ago, I spent several months staying in a 525 sq ft mobile home. That was borderline.

Roxanne said...

WAIT!! We have to agree on everything!

OK, I guess we can disagree on this ONE thing ;o)

I think it is just so fascinating. Right now we're in about 2100sf of space with the finished basement. I've reduced it to about 1500sf that we actually use. Of course, I'm not counting the 2 car garage filled with my husband's work stuff and a pool table. I have to admit that 382sf is smaller than even I can imagine dealing with!

I did notice that they have a little one, where mine is getting bigger by the minute. I can't imagine that small of a space with a (one day soon) teenage boy! The food alone would need it's own room.

Don't be scared. Go and look at the pictures and enjoy the fact that someone else is living there!

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