Jan 23, 2010

The Men Know What They Like

I'm talking about MY men.

Today is National Pie Day. Yesterday I made them their pie of choice: Prize Prune Pie. Despite your skepticism (and mine), they really did WANT this pie. Both of them.

My husband got a sneak sample last night, fresh out of the oven. My son was already asleep.

This morning, Son said the following:

"Mornin' Mama. Did you remember that it's National Pie Day?"

He was ready.

After lunch, I served up the slices. Two slices. I declined my slice. Here are the reviews:

Husband: "It tasted like I expected it to. It had a rich prune juice flavor and the prunes plumped up into plums. I just wanted to try it since I wasn't interested in a cream pie and the berries would be frozen instead of fresh for a berry pie. It was pretty good."

Son: "Mama! That was the best pie I've EVER tasted! It's my FAVORITE pie now. My favorite pie used to be pumpkin, but now that's second! Can I have some more?"

Me: "No, Son. A little of this type of pie is plenty. You can have some more tomorrow."

(We all know why I said that.)

Just in case you should be convinced by the above quotes to try this recipe, let me give you a tip:

The recipe (from 1955) called for cooked prunes, pitted. The container I bought was already pitted, but I wasn't sure what to do about the cooking. I checked the cookbook and it said 2 hours of soaking and then a long period of stewing! I hadn't noticed that and I needed to make the pie right then! I worried for a moment and then looked at the container. Apparently that problem has been taken care of these 55 years later. The container said, "No soaking required. Just cover generously with cold water and bring to a boil. Simmer 3 minutes."


I quickly simmered them and assembled the pie. The only thing I changed was to reduce the sugar a little. Husband is not a fan of sugar.

Do you think that's why he can still wear clothes he bought 25 years ago? Nah.


Packrat said...

Aren't you even going to try a bite? I like prune cake...

Roxanne said...

(Blech! Patooey! {Gag!} )

I'm sorry. What did you say?

Packrat said...

You are too funny. :) Prunes aren't my favorite either. I was teasing. I like plum cake not prune cake.

I forgot to tell you something. My friend came down last weekend to help me sort and clean. Since she is much taller than either my mom or me, she was able to reach in the back of corner of the coat closet. Guess what she found? (Well, besides lots of dog food and mouse droppings and a chewed up boot...) A color wheel! Yup - the one (or one just like it) that we used when we had the aluminum Christmas tree way back in the 1960's.

Roxanne said...

No. Way. !!!!

I think it's a sign. I think that my bringing up this very important topic last month combined with your find is to let you know that Christmas 2010 is to be...colorful?

You've got all year to find a silver tree!

Packrat said...

If I can't find a silver one, I know where to get a white one. My daughter has one, and her boyfriend thinks it's tacky. LOL

Roxanne said...

Silver, white. No matter.

It's all about the color wheel.

Anonymous said...

We used to can plums, and I remember them being very tasty -- of course they were probably packed in 3 cups of sugar.... I'm not a fan of prunes though.

Glad your son and hubby like the pie.


Roxanne said...

Trixie--Plums are one thing. Prunes are an entirely different thing, and they will not be on my fork anytime soon!

Now, the banana cream pie you made for National Pie Day would be perfect for me!

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