Jan 6, 2010

The Quest for Less

Back in November, we found out that we had exactly six days to prepare our house, drive to Georgia, check my MIL out of a nursing home so that she could move in with us. If you'd like to see how I transformed two rooms in two days into a "suite" of sorts, click HERE.

She hated it here. Beyond hated it. So, she moved back home to Georgia. Meanwhile, there was NO way I was going to haul furniture around AGAIN so soon! Then I began to ponder my original plan of being warm this winter. If you'd like the background on that, read HERE. (Scroll down and read up.)

In fact, my mind began to think about reducing our total square footage of living space while we were still living here! I took the room that I had fitted up for my MIL, added three needed pieces of furniture (vanity, bedside table, and dresser), and created our new bedroom. That meant 230sf of space was no longer needed! FIVE of the pieces of furniture that were in our original bedroom on the second floor are now going to be sold.

Pictured below is the "new" bedroom:

From the door:

The right wall from the door:
From the closet:

The money for the unneeded furniture is going to go in our "travel" fund. Slowly we're getting rid of clutter and turning it into memories. In fact, last year's yard sale netted enough money for us to go on three camping trips. One of them was to Lake Placid and Ausable Caverns. Click HERE to see those pics.

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Packrat said...

I'm glad you moved up from the basement. Your new bedroom is beautiful!

Packrat said...

PS: I love the shutters on the windows.

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