Jan 11, 2010

Sunday Dinner: Memories

My post about wanting to attempt Sunday Dinner brought some comments giving the details to make it happen (Thanks, y'all!) and then a bit of the feelings and memories. I thought it would be nice to post little snippets of the memories shared. I would love to hear more!

"...My mother was the best hostess. Her house was always clean, she loved to cook for a crowd. If someone just stopped by she offered them coffee and usually a treat. I hope to be like her someday, everyday I try. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face."
~ Mrs. Tailleur

"...The key was preparation beforehand, putting the roast in the oven before church, and many hands making light work. The ladies all helped to clean up. It was magic...Sometimes we would have a potluck at church, but almost everything was done in peoples' homes. I really miss that..."

"...Growing up, we had a big "Sunday Dinner" and a nap afterwards...When we moved in with my grandparents, we went to church and Sunday school and then came home for dinner. My grandma had one of those ovens where you could set the timer to start cooking while you were away so the food would be done just right when you came home..."
~ Trixie

"...I remember those days as being filled with family and friends, lots of laughter, visiting, and over-hearing things we young people were probably not supposed to hear." : )
~ Packrat

This topic isn't done yet. I think the time is ripe for the return of the special meal for family and friends.

I will definitely have more to say about this and invite others to share their tips and memories as well.


Packrat said...

Hope you get a chance to pop over to my blog post. Sunday dinner was all about family and friends getting together. Family is now scattered across the country and the older generation is mostly gone, but maybe my husband and I need to start with friends.

Roxanne said...

I did indeed pop over and very much enjoyed what I read! I linked to you in my next post.

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