Jan 12, 2010

Sunday Dinner: The How-Tos

Yesterday I posted some of the memories left by commenters about Sunday Dinner. Today I want to highlight some ladies who gave specific directions on how to make Sunday Dinner happen! (Thank you, ladies!)

Glamorous Housewife actually had a series planned and in the works when she noticed that I, too, was posting about the subject. Click HERE for the beginning of her week-long series.

Packrat gave some very detailed directions that she posted about HERE for preparing ahead of time and the day of the dinner. I've added her "memory snippet" to yesterday's post, as well.

Civilla wrote out her memories on the "how-tos" in the comments of my previous post. Click HERE (scroll down) to read how things were done when her family was based in Germany.

If you post about your "Sunday Dinner" memories on your blog, please leave a comment and let me know. I'll add your link to this list.


Packrat said...

Thanks for the mention.

I just remembered. Those odd times when we didn't have fried chicken, we had a roast of some kind. Yes, it was being cooked while we were at church. Oh, and Mom had two ovens - a small one and a bigger one (not quite full size).

Roxanne said...

That's the biggest problem for me (well there are actually two). One--we're just not comfortable leaving the oven on while we're gone. Two--we leave the house at 8am and wouldn't return home until 1 or 2pm. That's just WAY too long!

I enjoyed reading your memories!!

Packrat said...

Thank you. Oh, I guess I should explain that most of the time, either my dad or grandmother was at home. Also, the ovens had timers to turn themselves on and off. I know Mom used the timers all the time.

Packrat said...

PS: Grandma went to church - just a different one than we went to and the time was different. Dad did not go.

Averyl Hill, M.S. said...

How funny that you just wrote about this! Yes, a mention would be lovely, thanks. Also, A-OK to use the ad. : )

Roxanne said...

If this topic is on lots of people's minds, I think it's because we're wanting it to make a comeback!

Thanks for the permission!

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