Jan 13, 2010

This Week's Menu

I remember Woolworth's. There was one in downtown Panama City, Florida where we lived for 10 years. I was so excited! We used to go to them when we traveled on vacations. I remember the wooden cabinets with the short glass sides holding in all sorts of things like monogrammed handkerchiefs, toys, gadgets--you name it.

The lunch counter was especially fun. It was just basic, good food. (I wasn't a fan of the refrigerated iceberg and tomato salad, though. Yuck.) I also loved the booths and the barstools decked out in their shiny, sparkly red plastic upholstery.

Since I needed to grocery shop today and was traveling back to thoughts of basic menus, I thought I'd post my menu plan since I haven't done that in a while (ever?). This time I asked my husband to throw out names of food he'd like to see appear on the table this week. (I coached him a bit by telling him what meats I had in the freezer.) Here's what he came up with:

Taco Dinner

38,000 (OK, only 15) Bean Soup with ham


Eat out for lunch after church
Leftovers from lunch for supper

Chicken Tampa
Yellow Rice

Pork chops
Carrots (cooked)

Beef Roast

This is just the skeleton menu. The actual recipes will be determined later. Except the Chicken Tampa. He asked for that one by name, he likes it that much. I'll post the recipe tomorrow!


Packrat said...

Wow! What a flash back!

There used to be a Woolworth's in downtown Boise, too. Loved to go in there and have lunch with my grandpa. Seemed like they had everything. Newberry's was another fun store.

When did you live in Panama City? I was there twice the summer of 1970, and just drove through in June of 1990(?) (I think the year before Gulf Shores, Ala got wiped out.) Fun times. :)

Roxanne said...

We were in PC from 1987 to 1997, so we were there in 1990!

I really enjoyed living in the Panhandle, though it was more south Alabama than Florida.

Was it a vacation time for you?

Civilla said...

Oh, it was a real treat to eat at the Woolworth's counter!

As teens, one of our pranks was to order a glass of water (back then, in New York State, it was the law that any restaurant had to provide water for anybody who asked, even if they were not going to order anything) and then pop our "Fizzies" (kind of like Kool-Aid in Alka-Seltzer form) into it and drink it and not order anything else. The waitresses would get very annoyed with us, but we thought we were "cute."

Packrat said...

Vacation time, yes. That last trip we actually stayed in Gulf Shores, but my brother took us to Pensacola to show us where he used to live and then over to Panama City just to look around.

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