Feb 26, 2010

No Bigger Than a Bread Box

The corner of my kitchen counter needs help. My toaster oven died over a month ago. The toaster oven replaced the microwave that we got rid of several years ago. Now the corner is bare.
I noticed that I kept putting my bread products into that corner. Finally, the light bulb went on. Those bread products should be in a bread box! So, THAT's what those bread boxes were for!
For years I had my husband's grandmother's bread box. It was a hearty yellow with a copper front. It had a shelf inside and everything. Back several years ago in one of my decluttering episodes, I decided I didn't really need that bread box.
I know, I know. Please forgive me.
Now I want one. I want one today! I checked out Craigs List, but nothing. If it were yard sale season, I'd be on the hunt. Meanwhile, I guess I'll just have to wait.
While I'm waiting, what can I use--that doesn't cost anything? The bread just looks dumb sitting in the corner like that! Take pity on the bread.


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I have that exact one in green! I bought it at Target last week. It's not quite big enough for all the different types of bread my family requires but at least it gets most of the bread off the top of the fridge and out of the fruit basket!

Roxanne said...

We are sadly without a Target. I heart Target. Oh, they send us their flyer just to taunt me.

I did notice that this one seemed a bit small. I *think* I'd like a top loader rather than a front loader. The one my DH's grandmother had was a front loader, but it kept falling down and finally cracked the handle.

Packrat said...

We are so alike! I have been wanting a bread box, too. I want one like we used to have with the roll door, but an old one would probably either not work or be too expensive.

I did pick up a small wooden one at the thrift shop, but it is small and kinda ugly.

Here at Mom's, there is a largish bread box that opens on top. Grandma bought it a thrift shop years ago. It is probably 70's vintage, and is really faded like it sat in the sun. If I leave it here, if will probably get thrown out. If I take it, someone will surely scream. It won't work at my house. Let me think about this...

Roxanne said...

Packrat--I wondered about the "roll top" kind. What did you think of it?

I have relatives like that. If you show any indication that you would like something, immediately they've wanted that same thing all their lives (insert eye roll here).

IF you could abscond with the bread box, you COULD paint it. Maybe a solid color with the word "Bread" stenciled on it. You could also use decals and make it vintage looking, but matching your kitchen!

Packrat said...

Actually, I just barely remember the "roll top" - actually roll front lol- but I vaguely remember it getting stuck quite a bit. The getting stuck business might been because of many little hands. It disappeared when we moved into our new house. Mom probably didn't want it in her new modern kitchen.

Actually, I was thinking of absconding the bread box for you. The top opening kind won't work in my kitchen because the upper cupboards are hung too low. Like I said, tho, I'll have to think a bit. Everything is still up in the air.

Connie said...

Hi, sugar, I was over on Oikology and see that you were successful in making your favicon. I tried that but it doesn't show on my 2 browsers: Safari and Firefox. You might be using IE so is it showing on your browser. I do not see it on mine so just wondering. My email is on my blog if you will let me know I'd sure appreciate it.

Roxanne said...

Packrat! You would risk family wrath for me?? Thank you!

I don't want to stir up problems, though. If you're going to "do the deed" I think you should be the one to benefit from it. Paint it up cute and use it somewhere for out-in-the-open storage.

I'm still amazed that you'd be willing to do that for me!

Roxanne said...

Connie--I followed the directions and it worked for a while. Was my favicon showing up when you commented? I couldn't see it.

I went back to Oikology and did it again and I see it now. We'll see how long it lasts this time!

The key seems to be making sure to copy the link twice and then DELETING the word shortcut in the second link copy.

Or Safari and Firefox just want to be persnickety!

humblelabor said...

Hi Roxanne!
Just stopping in to say hello. Hope all is well with you and that all the new endeavors are going well...diet...budget...etc. I'm working on budget especially at the moment. I'm so happy about getting to be a full-time housewife, FINALLY!, but it is a new challenge to live on one income, albeit one I'm extremely grateful for. (Actually, I do have about a month and a half left of work.) Will you post more about budgeting?

You're so good at blogging. I enjoy your writing so much!

Warmest wishes,

Averyl Hill, M.S. said...

I LOVE vintage bread boxes! I hope you can find one soon after yard sale season starts!

Roxanne said...

Humble--How are you feeling? When are you due? I'm rejoicing with you that you get to stay home full-time (soon!). It will be an interesting adjustment, believe me.

I do have some ideas that I intend to share regarding budgeting, etc., as we're walking through this goal of 100% debt-freeness.

Please keep in touch!

Roxanne said...

Averyl--I have a yard sale list! I compile it all winter, knowing that I can find the items for up to 90% off what I'd pay in the store and it's fun to have something for "The Hunt."

A bread box has now jumped to #1 on the list!

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