Mar 22, 2010

Wednesday: Sewing Day

I must say that examining the "Days of the Week" chore poem has been an eye-opener for me. I have gotten some revelation about the details of caring for my home that have eluded me until now. One of those gems has to do with sewing.

I have always sort of figured that the "Sewing Day" of the poem meant darning, mending, quilting, etc.. As I began to ponder it, though, I realized that the ladies of the past were doing darning and mending, etc. ALL the time. If they were sitting, there was some sort of needlework in their hands. That made me think about what having a dedicated day for sewing could have been. I realized that clothing CONSTRUCTION would have been an ongoing process as well due to the lack of the mall. Since it was a larger task (involving pattern making, cutting, piecing, fitting, and then sewing and finishing), then a chunk of time needed to be set aside.

Here's where personal revelation part came in: I have projects up the wazoo that have never been started. I have the material, the pattern, and the dream. There are also projects that managed to get themselves begun, but never finished. Could having a dedicated chunk of time each week for sewing be the answer?

I tested my theory. Last Wednesday as I was finally finishing up swapping my son's room from upstairs to the first floor (click HERE to see the post about that), I decided to honor the poem and go ahead and make the window curtain and stage curtain for his room, too.

Glory be! It happened. A project was finished very shortly after I envisioned it! Son's room is a "wild kingdom" theme with zebras being the special focus. Below is his loft bed with a zebra theater curtain. I even got fancy and made the rod pocket out of leopard!

The rest of the leopard was put to work as window curtains. The tiebacks? Zebra, of course.

With this new-found understanding of "Sewing Day," I predict that I may be posting more about FINISHED projects!

Do you have UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) lurking in the recesses of your home? Do you have plans for fabric that have gotten you only as far as storing the fabric? Incorporate "Sewing Day!" I believe it just might work for me!
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Packrat said...

Again, I love what you have done to J's "new" room. So cute, and it should "grow" with him, too.

UFO's? I have dozens - literally. There are half-made little girl dresses. There is a box of quilt blocks - started in 1976. Whenever I try to sew, I get interrupted - as in I have to move it and/or put it away. Once moved or put away, it never sees daylight again. I need a dedicated place more than a dedicated day.

Roxanne said...

Thanks! I love it, too. J really stood up to the plate and got rid of a lot of stuff. I'm proud of him!

I have a crocheted granny square afghan that I started in 1972. It's almost done! Maybe I'll actually FINISH it (or it will just crumble to dust).

I DO have a dedicated place. It is full of the UFOs--and they're mocking me every time I pass by.

Mock, mock, mock.

Well *maybe* I will finally see them cower and submit when I approach LOL!

weenie_elise said...

yes I have a few... but since my girlfriends and I started making regular-ish sewing days, a lot more has been completed

Roxanne said...

Exactly! You have come to the same conclusion (except earlier!) that I just came to and it sounds like it's working (as I suspected).

I'm looking forward to finishing these projects, no longer feeling the guilt as I look at them, and actually being able to think about NEW ideas without feeling that I can't do them . . . because of the UFOs!

Lexi said...

Don't laugh at me...but...I have three quilt tops pieced together and finished, and I am just procrastinating on adding the backs. I hate doing the backs and "quilting" them together.

I also have quite a collection of 1940's projects as well as at east 2 full quilt sets just ready to be pieced.

Once my room (AKA cave) is done...

Roxanne said...

Lexi--If you could see me, you would see that I'm giving you that "nod of understanding." BT, still DT!

1940s projects??? That sounds like fun--Do tell! (I expect a detailed list by Friday.)

Stack said...

So SO cute...yes I do need the inspiration...between trying to homeschool 3 kids and get them to various sports and rehaul...I lose a bit of momentum...but LOVE your boys cute.

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