Mar 18, 2010

Ironing Addendum

I've collected the comments from those who have achieved "Ironing Bliss" (like the lady in the picture above has). I thought I'd put them together as a sort of inspiration to those of use who are still struggling in this area:

Mary R
I'm one of those nuts who loves to iron! I find it relaxing.

Weenie Elise

I love ironing... it's so soothing and quite zen-like...

Ironing is calm and peaceful and you can just focus on the white shirts and the smell of fresh linen and steam... like a zen rock garden or something :)


Ironing is okay if I'm not in a panic. There is nothing so satisfying as
seeing nicely ironed shirts, pillowcases, etc.

Ironing. I LOVE to iron!

I had a great-grandmother who worked as a laundress, and who WAS a teacher, so the secrets of ironing have been passed down for several generations (though diluted in each generation.)

My boyfriend doesn't understand why the sheets need to be ironed since they'll
eventually end up on the bed anyway, but he definitely takes advantage of my
skillz in ironing men's shirts!

Do the words above inspire you to embrace ironing? They've certainly encouraged me to look at ironing in a fresh way with all those soothing words. Thank you, ladies!

Next time--Wednesday: Sewing Day


Anonymous said...

That lady is probably smiling like that because she is almost done : )

Roxanne said...

Trixie--HA! That would be what *I* would do, that's for sure!

I find myself thinking of all the other things I could be doing while I'm tied to that ironing board. I'm having a hard time transitioning to actually enjoying the task itself.

Where do you fall on the "Ironing Bliss" spectrum?

Mary R. said...

Now a post on the bliss of unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming, please; my husband does both (the joys of semi-retirement). Can't believe I was an INSPIRATION for somebody! Love the comment about the lady smiling because she is almost done! LOL!

Roxanne said...

Mary R--I'm afraid there were NO comments about bliss or any other positive emotion regarding dishwashers or vacuums.

I, myself, am a fan of the dishwasher. I abhor hand washing. (I bet there's some bliss to be had about hand washing the dishes, though. Anyone?)

Vacuuming is another story. As far as vacuums go, I have to say I really like mine. The machine gets a thumbs up, but the chore? Not so much.

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