Apr 26, 2010

Poll Results for Yard Sale Habits

The results are in. 66% of you (including me) declutter your houses but then go out to yard sales looking for more stuff. 33% of you declutter your houses and then make it easy on yourselves by NOT going to yard sales to bring more stuff home.
One voice vote in the comments agreed with the choice that I needed to STOP going to yard sales. (Hi Lexi!) I will just ignore that vote.
When I lived in Florida, I could yard sale from March through November. They tapered off for the holidays and the "cold" season. When I needed something, I would just plan to look for it at the next yard sale day. I could count on finding nearly everything I ever needed for 50 to 90% less than what I would pay in the store.
Up North where I live now, the season is Memorial Day to the beginning of October. MUCH shorter. I go through withdrawals in the winter.
ONE of my favorite yard sale "finds" was my two matching chairs from the early 60s that are in my basement. (I don't seem to have a picture of them. I should remedy that.) They were in fantastic condition and I carted them away for $15--for both! What a rush!
Do you have a favorite "find" that you would like to share? It's that thrill of finding a treasure that keeps me going back. I also find name-brand clothes for CHEAP as well as lots of homeschool and office things for far less than I would pay in the stores. Many times I find brand new things that are still in their packages.
Nope, I don't think I'll stop going to yard sales any time soon.


Rini said...

Just don't forget that money is all about priorities. $15 furniture can still put you in the poorhouse if you buy enough. ;)

It's one thing to GO to yard sales. It's another thing to SPEND at yard sales. It's important, in my opinion, to be aware of which you are doing, and to make sure that you only SPEND in one case: what you're buying is higher priority than the other option for using that money. (Read: getting out of debt)

Roxanne said...

Sure. Pull the "debt" card. Hit me where it hurts. Thanks. (JUST kidding! Feel free to speak up any time!)

Actually, I'm already there with the brakes on ;o) I have a list of needed items and I have been sticking to it like glue. I have no need for anything at all except an oven that works.

(And clothes. Now that I've lost a few pounds, I need to replace the rags I've been wearing for quite some time.)

HappyMom said...

I've been so busy decluttering that I missed taking the poll! I would have been part of the majority though. I have changed my yard sale habits over the years. I too only shop for what I need. And try not to bring anything home that is not something I can use immediately.

As for best deals, I have a few. (You'll remember this Roxanne) My dining room set for instance, When we lived in Texas, a friend was having a yard sale. We got a preview. And she had a table for sale that someone had made. It was oak, with a built in leaf, and really nice legs for 50.00. I bought it. My own dining room table had been my husbands parents and the chairs were falling apart. Now with the table bought, Roxanne and I went to the yard sales that weekend and found 4 oak chairs to match for 100.00!!! So now I have a beautiful dining room table and chairs for much less than retail. And after 10 years of use, they are still in great shape.

When we moved from Texas to our new home, we practically furnished it from yard sales. My bedroom furniture is all from yard sales. Total cost was under 75.00 for 3 pieces. I painted them all to match. I could go on and on.

As I said, I have learned to be careful and just purchase what I need. I use the same principle when shopping at regular stores.

Packrat said...

I missed the poll, too! My vote is to go the yard sales and just be careful of what you buy.

Winding Ways said...

When I was a little girl my grandparents gave me a little rose-covered tea set. Unfortunately, one day a painter in the house knocked it off the shelf and the pot broke. Many years later I was at a garage sale and found, not exactly the same pot, but one that had the same shape and colors and had individual rosebuds that matched the spray of roses on my set. I mentioned this to a friend and she said, "Your grandma couldn't find you exactly the same pot, so she sent you something very close." A wonderful find, for $5.

Roxanne said...

HappyMom--I remember that "find" and many others! I also remember the truck we used to gather up some furniture when you first moved Up North. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies.

Packrat--My sentiments exactly!

WindingWays--That is a great story! Thank you for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Since you asked, I have to show you my favorite yard sale find:


Scroll down to the little wooden wash stand, and the short story about it is in the post.

I am NOT a garage saler...don't know how, pop in sporadically, and usually don't succeed. So when I made a pit stop at that sale and came out with the wash stand PLUS two little glass pitchers for a NICKEL EACH I was thrilled! I use my pitchers for syrup and sometimes juice for a little tea party.

Roxanne said...

Rebecca-- I LOVE that wash stand!

What a rush that must have been. Doesn't it make you want to stop at another sale and see what other treasures you might find?

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