May 1, 2010

Exhaustion--Thy Name is Roxanne

Two hours ago my sister and I finished two days of holding a yard sale. I meant to get pictures of how much we had displayed, but I couldn't find the camera. Believe me when I say that it looked like a four-family sale.

We cleared out quite a bit of stuff (though some of the furniture I was SURE would go did not). My goal all along has been to have what we love and need . . . and nothing more. I'm getting very near to that goal.

Despite that fact that I've decluttered before, I'm finding that each new "sweep" through my house always produces more items that I don't really want or need. I have regretted getting rid of only a very few things. I can't even remember what THOSE things were! Obviously they never needed to be in my house.

Though I need to clean up after this whirlwind and dispose of what was left (by donation), the house already feels lighter and less overwhelming. When I go shopping (and yard saling--wink, wink), I make sure that what I'm considering truly needs to be a part of my home. I'm finding more and more that the things just don't need to come with me. Less is best.

Another goal for my big sale this weekend was to put a little dent in The Debt. I'm going to put a ticker on this site so that I can see (and y'all can follow along) our debt actually going down. Progress that can be seen is very motivating, even though admitting how large our debt is will be embarrassing.

In the Bible, God told the Israelites that after 50 years, all debts were to be forgiven and all land would return to the original owners. He called that year "The Year of Jubilee." In Mobile, AL, times come when the ocean retreats without warning and the sea animals are left flopping around on the sand. Those who live on the shore ring bells to alert everyone to bring their coolers and load up on fresh seafood. They call that time, "Jubilee."

Once we are out from under the dark cloud of debt, abundance can truly be a part of our lives. Therefore, I'm determined to see our own "Year of Jubilee." Living in debt is not really living.

If you are in debt, are you ready for your own Jubilee? Are you ready to hear the bells ringing?


Eva Girl said...

My husband and I started paying off debts 6 years ago - we're out of all the old debt and the only thing left is the mortgage on our new home : ) It took a long time, but it was worth it!!!! I don't mind driving a junkier car if it's because we're living within our means!

Lorie B said...

We have just started this year to pay off our debt. I figure that within 2 years, we can have everything paid off except the mortgage. We are not intending on staying in this house long term, so I am not worried about that. I would rather save as much as we can to build our 'dream' home. Which, Bless you Roxanne, you posted a picture of a while back. The 50's magazine home called the 'Vernon', that was a mail order. I LOVE that house and it's layout. I want to have it made into a modern set of plans and build it on something like 20 acres. *sigh* Happy dreams, and that is my bell ringing... hee hee

Roxanne said...

Eva--That's awesome! Jubilee is on the horizon for you!!

All the new stuff in the world just isn't worth the weight of the debt.

Lori B--Debt-Free in two years. That's fantastic! We're getting this in the right order. Having our "dream" now means a load of stress while we pay for it. Living frugally and managing our finances properly means the dream WILL become a reality one day, but with NO dark cloud--just pleasure!

That Vernon is awesome, isn't it? I love the two sets of stairs and the wings. There's a house in a town nearby that is somewhat similar to the picture. I wonder if it was a Sterling?

If I remember to get a picture, I'll post it!

Organizing Mommy said...

Hi! Is this your main blog? Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yes, I love the idea of saving money! Good job.

Roxanne said...

Organizing Mommy--Yes, this is my main blog. I tend to post here the most. I separated my homeschooling blog and my weight-loss blog. The links for those are on my sidebar.

My MIL died two weeks ago and we're still reeling from that and the accompanying expenses for having to fly to GA from New England.

We're still determined to get this debt gone, despite the setback!

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