May 11, 2010

It's going DOWN!

I thought I'd do a little reporting on the debt reduction progress.

Tomorrow I will be "unplugging" (see HERE for an explanation). I'm pretty excited to find new ways to gather funds to reduce The Debt. I don't know how significant the amount saved will be, but it will definitely be interesting to find out.

So far I've put nearly all of our IRS refund toward the debt. We just had a yard sale last week and I put all of that in the pot as well. My little ladder on the sidebar shows that those two items have already reduced things by 7%!

That doesn't SEEM like much, but that's 7% LESS than before. I'm happy with it.

We will be doing a quick camping trip at the end of this month. It was already scheduled (homeschool related). I did make one change that will save at least HALF of what we were going to spend. We were originally going to go to a the Boston Aquarium which was pretty pricey between the tickets and the parking. Campgrounds were also up there, price-wise. The subject for homeschooling is Oceanography. I decided to look around online and discovered that Woods Hole, MA has an actual working science aquarium . . . for FREE! There are a couple of other related exhibits/museums in the same area that are $2 per ticket.

Sea creatures will be seen (and petted), real oceanographers will be available for discussions, campgrounds are cheaper, and we'll get to see the ocean! All this for far less than originally planned.

Everything else that comes in, though, is going straight to The Debt.


Lexi said...

That's awesome!! And tell us how the aquarium place turns out. I tried to click to see why in the world you would unplug, but there's no link.

I am proud to say that after 4 years of trying we only have the house and cars leftt. No more credit cards of any kind!

Rini said...

Woohoo, way to go!!

Packrat said...

Note to Lexi: That is AWESOME! Have you seen the blog Frugal Wife = Wealthy Life

They have talked about how to quickly pay off house loans and how to pay cash for a car. Amazing little tricks.

Roxanne: You are amazing, too!

Roxanne said...

Lexi--Link is there now. (Note to self: FINISH what you start!)

Congrats on your being on the home stretch!


Packrat--That IS a great site, isn't it?

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