Aug 3, 2010

25 years ago today . . .

Unbelievable. I really just can't believe its been that long. That's OK. I'm looking forward to the next 25--and the next after that . . .

Getting ready.

Giving the bride away.

The first married kiss.

Mr. and Mrs.!


DrJulieAnn said...

Congratulations! The time just flies by, doesn't it?

(BTW: I think you and I had almost identical wedding gowns...although I'm sure mine is the JC Penney budget version of yours)

Packrat said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope you make the 75 years.

Oh, you both looked so young. I think L has changed in looks more than you have. Love the dress.

Anonymous said...


Roxanne said...

Dr. Julie Ann--I loved my gown! Sadly it got ruined in all the moves. I actually got it at a bridal shop from their $99 sale rack. It was 4:30pm and the LAST place we had time to look at before I headed across the state and back to work.

I didn't know JC Penney sold wedding gowns!! We didn't even think to look there. We started with consignment shops and worked our way up LOL!

Roxanne said...

Packrat and Trixie--Thank you!

Packrat--You are being very kind. I look like my mother now more than I look like that 21 yo girl LOL!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :)

Sarah H

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