Sep 22, 2010

Your Help, Please.

I'd like to put together a cookbook for myself. If it turns out well, I'd like to make it downloadable for anyone else who would like to have it. Since I am an underachiever when it comes to cooking, I am asking for your help.

Here are the criteria for submitting recipes:

What are your FAVORITE, Go-To recipes?

By "Go-To" I mean that these recipes are your favorites because they're fast, easy, have normal on-hand ingredients, and, above all, are tasty.

I was reading an article at Living On a Dime today called Stop Eating Your Way Into Debt. The article talked about eating out being one of the top five reasons for personal debt. It hit home for me because I am guilty of every excuse she listed.

My two biggest excuses are that I'm not a good cook and that it seems so much easier just to go out. Reading the article, though, made me examine my "excuses" and realize that I need to change.
With that in mind, I'd like to have a collection of several recipes that are full-proof (since I'm not a good cook), practically prepare themselves (because they need to be easier than going out), and TASTE GOOD when all is said and done.

Please take a moment to think about this and send me what you believe to be the ultimate "fast-food" home cooked recipes in your repertoire. Ideally they would not use packaged products as it would be nice for them to be healthy, too! If you do send recipes, please share your thoughts about why you consider it to be high on your list of best recipes. If you'd like to participate (Please? Pretty please?), it would be great to have them by the end of October.

There's a southern expression when someone is struggling with something that should be fairly easy: "For heaven's sake, help the boy!"

Well, "For heaven's sake, help the girl!"

***My contact information is: Haven of Home at Yahoo dot com (Take out spaces and change "at" and "dot" to their symbols.)


Packrat said...

I'll do my best. I have a couple I think you might enjoy - especially since you having a growing child in the house who will soon be eating you out of house and home. :)

Roxanne said...

Ack!! I've already seen shades of what is to come regarding the appetite of a teenage boy and I'm scared.

Hold me.

Packrat said...

Here is a long-distance hug!

Be prepared to never have enough food in the house. One good thing is that you only have one child plus any friends that he might bring home. Just think of those poor people with several teenagers in the house!

Hint: Teach your son to cook. :)

Amy said...

I am in need of something similar.. :) So I hope you get lots of good ideas. :) I am a non cook married to a guy who grew up with formal dinners every night.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Thanks. I needed that. I'm working on teaching J to cook but I hadn't thought about THAT advantage of his knowing LOL!

Amy--I'm hoping the ladies will come through, too. Even just seven recipes that are FULLPROOF would make a huge difference to my cooking options!!

weenie_elise said...

fast recipes? how fast? I generally have things that are fool-proof because they are prepared in advance (spaghetti bolognaise sauce - cooked a ready to go in the freezer- if you try to make it in a hurry it is never as good)

Lorie B said...

I e-mailed you some recipes. I hope you like them.

BTW...I have made my own cookbook. What I did was copy all my favorite recipes into MSword. Set the page size to 4X6. Made two columns. That creates a recipe card. Then, I printed out the 4X6 cards and put them into a photo album that holds 4x6 photo sizes. As I put them into the album, I sorted by type, meats, veggies, desserts, cookies, etc. You could get the self-stick tabs to mark each section.

I have the cards stored in my memory in case I need to print a new one to give away or replace a ruined one (oops, spills, haha).

Worked really well for me. Keep us posted on how it is going.


Packrat said...

Lorie B. - Thanks for the great idea! I just may borrow it.

Roxanne said...

Weenie--Full-proof, quick to put together, still tasty recipes. I would LOVE to have that Bolognaise recipe as I KNOW it would be great coming from you!

Lori--I got your recipes and I've already added one to this week's menu!

Packrat said...

Can you wait a few more days to get recipes? I'm doing marathon bookkeeping right now... Will email when I surface. :)

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Yes ma'am, I sure can! I've actually decided to keep this available until the end of October because I'd really like to put this together, if possible.

Bless you as you tackle the bookkeeping. I completely understand your position!

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