Sep 17, 2010

The Hired Help

I like to think that I have live-in help. Three of my helpers work almost every day. (Only one gets the weekend off.)

One is my dishwasher, the other two are my washer and dryer. They're all hard workers and have been with me for several years.

Recently I found a gem of a helper. I've been considering her services for some time but felt that I didn't REALLY need to hire her. Then, I met her on the street (at a yard sale) and she offered to come and work for me at a good price. She also brought a friend.

Let me introduce you to my vintage warming tray:

She's older and experienced. Her friend is the same age, but more diminutive. (She chose not to pose for a picture.) I have found that older appliances are hearty and not afraid to give 100% to their work.

When I met them, I was hesitant to engage their services. Since then, I have been asking myself how I ever lived without them!

My husband is never home at a regular time. Supper is ready at a specific time for me and my son, but my husband has to have his reheated. There have been many times when I've put his plate into the toaster oven to heat based on the time he SAID he would arrive. It would be warm and ready. He would not appear. He would have had to stop and pick up something for work, etc., or a customer would come in and ask for some last minute stuff.

He would call. I would reheat once, maybe twice. By the time he finally arrived, the food was rather dried out.

With my new helpers, though, all is kept at a nice temperature without drying out, and with using very little electricity.

Good help IS hard to find. I'm glad to have found these ladies!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember those warming trays! So great.

Rebecca said...

cute personification -- I love your helpers!

I recently received an e-mail from a group I belong to indicating that one of the members was looking for a used dishwasher. She noted, "Technically, I have 8 dishwashers...but I'd rather have one that will not verbally complain."

Roxanne said...

That's funny. My mom said the same thing about us when we were growing up . . .

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