Oct 5, 2010

Under Construction

In between being sick (just a cold) and my usual routines of taking care of our home and schooling our son, I decided to try ONE MORE TIME to figure out how to do a drop-down menu of navigation tabs at the top of my blog.

Well, it paid off! I finally found an EASY way to add it. I found the instructions and the copy-and-paste code at THIS SITE.

Meanwhile, I'm slowly organizing all the labels that I didn't know I should do when I first started my blog. That means my menus drop down and have titles, but there's no place to go yet!

I'll work at it over the next several days, though, and I should have it finished as a (hopefully) useful tool!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better!

Rebecca said...

I like your navigation tabs, but I'm still looking for the drop-down men. And what DO drop-down men DO?


Roxanne said...

Trixie--Thank you. I'm mostly better now. My nose isn't QUITE so bright red any more.

Rebecca--Didn't you see the picture of them taking their lunch break on the beam?

(HA! Thanks for letting me know about the typo.)

Mrs Tailleur said...

Just a note to tell you I enjoy stopping by and reading your blog. Sometimes I get sidetracked and then stop by and read your blog with a cup of good coffee . Then I am ready to get back to cleaning the fridge or menu planning etc. Thanks

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Tailleur--Thank you so much for letting me know that! You made my day!

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