Nov 16, 2010

Review: The Vintage Home Planner

Recently Kemi Quinn at Vintage Homemaking and Homemaking Organized gave me the opportunity to review a new product of hers. It’s called Household Notes Vintage Home Planner.

I’m already a big fan of planning notebooks. Having everything in one place makes running your home go more smoothly and it's flat-out fun to do. I’ve bought organizers before. I’ve used freebies from the Internet, and made up my own sheets. What Kemi has to offer, though, takes the planner to a whole new (old?) level!

She has combed through her extensive collection of vintage homemaking books and pulled wonderful tips and hints as well as the encouraging wisdom from ladies of homemaking past. The graphics are vintage and fantastic. The categories are VERY thorough. There are things in there I didn’t even know I could organize, such as an entire section about hospitality! The planner can be kept on your computer as the sheets can be filled in, or you can print out the blank pages and write on them to put in a physical notebook.

This planner is absolutely beautiful, full of all sorts of useful information, and it appeals to a love of all things vintage. The only thing it’s missing (for me) is a homeschool section. Perhaps there can be a section prepared that can be purchased separately (hint, hint!). This planner is WELL worth the price. Kemi has put together a fantastic product! Below is a more thorough description of the contents of the CD:

Each Volume of the Vintage Home Planner is much more than just printables. The Vintage Home Planner is a workbook on CD. It has seven main volumes covering getting organized, cleaning your home, organizing your home, organizing your food preparations, organizing your children, planning your garden, and making your home an inviting place for visitors.

On each Volume of the
Vintage Home Planner, there are tips and ideas from both past and present to inspire and delight you.

Also accompanying the seven Volumes of the
Vintage Home Planner is a folder called In Addition. The In Addition folder of your CD includes extra modules and forms. Located here are blank calendar templates, laundry tips, address book printables, a few forms to monitor the health of your family an and special section for Mom.
If you were thinking about purchasing a planner, please click on the cover above and consider purchasing this one. It has EVERYTHING!


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