Dec 17, 2010

I'm in a vintage crafting mood!

This is what happens when you find a new blog. One thing leads to another and you find things that shout at you to test your creativity. For me, if they have a vintage look to them, the shouting turns into some pretty ear-splitting demands.

Now, I know there are SO many vintage crafts all over the Internet that I could do and that if I did even one-tenth of them, I'd never get to the unimportant things in life like family, laundry, and sleeping.

BUT, I clicked on a link at Down With Clutter and discovered this particular post (and blog) and now I want one of these! A COVER for your planning notebook that is made from an old book! She has a very thorough tutorial and it looks like something I could accomplish. Even if you don't do one of these, go look at hers and also click on her link at the bottom showing other examples.

Isn't this awesome? If I follow through and create one, I'll post about it. If you do one, let me know.


K Quinn said...

That's really cute. I have a cute small binder but I want a cover with handles for it. Nothing like that seems to exist. This is cute though.

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