Dec 20, 2010

Tree Topper poll stats

Last week I posted a poll regarding tree topper preferences. The stats came in as follows:

  • Angel--25%
  • Star--25%
  • Bow--5%
  • Starfish--5% (Oh yes I did count it!)
  • Other--40%

In the comments, a few shared their "others:"

  • Star pillow
  • Santa
  • Snowflake

With all this data I noticed that no one chose the most significant, most awesome tree topper. Perhaps you will rethink your current choice and make NEXT year's topper one to truly cherish. Feast your eyes on this:


Packrat said...

Sputtering! lol Does it play Elvis Christmas songs? (I do like Elvis, just not on top of my Christmas tree.)

Roxanne said...

Sadly, no. It DOES light up, however.

There was one review listed at Amazon. (Click on the pic and it will take you there.) The reviewer found it to be the perfect topper for her ALL Elvis tree.

I think you should reconsider this. Talk to your DH. I'm sure he would agree with me. (Ha!)

Rebecca said...

oh, MAN! I completely FORGOT about the Elvis tree topper! Yes, next year...definitely!

daphne said...

yeah yeah lol maybe next year:)

Roxanne said...

Rebecca and Daphne--

Now you have a goal for that after-Christmas-sale shopping!

lexi said...

Elvis, now that is nice! (all is well, btw. Just in a mood. I tried to email but I didn't have yor full email. Thanks! Xoxoxo)

Roxanne said...

Lexi--I'm glad to hear that!

I finally added a "contact me" button at the top of my blog site, so if you ever want to chat, that's where you can find me!

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