Dec 12, 2010

A Christmas Poll (Come and vote!)

It has been a while since I posted a poll. I knew something was missing in my life. Did you feel it, too? Well, come and vote and all will be right in the world again.

This poll examines an area that I feel has been a long-neglected, but important piece of information, namely this:

What is at the top of your Christmas tree?

My husband and I have had various toppers over the years. Back in the pre-child days, my trees were a bit "designerish." Things were color-coordinated and matched nicely. At one point I had a large red velvet bow as my topper. At another point was a Victorian angel.

WAY back when we were first married (and dirt poor), I trimmed old Christmas cards with lace as our decorations and used a card with a picture of a star as our topper.

Then, before we left Florida to move Up North 14 years ago, I decided that I wanted something that spoke of Florida to be our topper. With some searching, I finally came up with a keeper.

I give you . . .

The Christmas Star (fish)!

Please come and visit my blog and vote in the poll on the sidebar. If you choose "other," please leave a comment and share YOUR special find!


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Actually it is a star pillow. It had a loop on it so I figured it was a large ornament. By the way, our tree is fake this year...sigh.

Packrat said...

No tree this year.* :( However, if we were to put one up, the topper would be a tacky plastic lighted star, a beautiful Victorian angel, a beat up (but beloved) plastic Santa, or a cloth angel that someone made and gave us - depending on who "won the argument" or which item was found first.

*I can't deal with trying to protect the tree from all the animals. There isn't any way to close off rooms in our house.

Rebecca said...

fun poll! Come visit me on Tuesday and tell about how you keep stress free during the Christmas season.

Amy M said...

We actually have a snowflake topper. I am not thrilled with it.. It is a white snowflake with red lights... Not sure why it has red lights... I will be looking for something different on clearance after Christmas! I prefer pretty angel toopers!

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