Dec 10, 2010

Vintage Christmas Ideas

I've had quite a week. We had four days of snow at the beginning of the week. I believe we ended up with close to 18 inches. THEN, my son got sick mid-week and I've been the on-duty nurse/doctor/laundress. Winter has just gotten here and I'm already a bit tired of it!

For a nice break, I thought I'd see what my vintage cookbooks suggested for Christmas ideas and came across this one from 1967:

(Ignore the tear. ) Take a look at that "mod" house those folks are heading into. Doesn't it look warm and inviting? Pretend that there is snow on the ground in front of the house and imagine that the party-goers are dressed up for a Christmas repast.

First, the decorations. (Click on the page below to enlarge.) There are suggestions for trimming the tree (be it green, blue, red, or pink!). There's also some lovely edible and non-edible wreath ideas. The centerpiece looks easy. And it, too, is edible. My favorite, though, is the Jingle Bells Bread Basket. That might just make an appearance at my house!

The Christmas menu, well, wasn't quite along my tastes. It called for roast ducklings, mashed rutabagas, and steamed date pudding. Um, no.
Then, I turned the page and beheld this:

Get out of town! A cake that looks like a yule log! Is that too cool, or what? I especially like the "knothole" with the log innards showing through. The frosting is called "French Silk." Works for me!

Since I just gained two pounds reading the recipe, I guess I'll go and burn a few calories running down to put a REAL log in our basement wood stove. Just in case you're inspired, though, here's the recipe:


Mrs.Phillips said...

I have that hostess book! And it's amazing! I forgot it had Christmas ideas in it, so smart! I'm gonna go look!

Amy M said...

I have that book too!! I bought it for $2 about a year ago at a thrift store!! The jingle bell bread basket is such a festive idea!

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Phillips and Amy--Isn't it fun to see something from your vintage collection at someone else's "house"?

I DO like all our modern glossy magazines and I like the ease and convenience of the Internet (sometimes with how-to videos!), but there's something about being connected with a by-gone era's homemaking ideas and recipes. It's comforting.

I'm seriously going to do that jingle bell idea!

Mrs.Phillips said...

How funny! I looked through it tonight and I want to do the jingle bell basket too!

weenie_elise said...

i love a buche de Noel. It's something i learned in Fench Patisserie and I often make it a yule time

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Phillips--The bell basket MUST be made. Let's do it!

Weenie--Why must we be so far apart? I would love to be invited to your house for dinner!

Anonymous said...

Woah! I'm so glad that's a Yule Log and NOT a meatloaf. You know how retro cookbooks, are... I thought for sure it was a meatloaf :)

Roxanne said...


I know EXACTLY what you mean!

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